It’s Thursdayish!!!!  Today was house job day and catch up on some work and then I went to lunch with my friend Jayne!!!  We were Ladies Who Lunch!

Yes this is how we looked whilst lunching at our local Farm Shop, Croots.  Normally on a Thursday there is a steady trade and you can get a table, but today when I turned up it was heaving, literally heaving, every table taken and a queue!  Well I hung around and a table came free and then Jayne arrived so it all worked out.  I think the reason was the weather was changeable today, more like April, with heavy showers between bits of brilliant sunshine.  Anyway we had a very nice lunch and catch up as we haven’t seen each other since Christmas.  Thanks Jayne!!!

Tomorrow I have work to do and some errands to run and then at the weekend Granddaughter and her Mom are coming for a visit and the Boys and DH are having an haircut and swimming being fitted in as well and I am trying to get some more quilting done. 

Tomorrow if the weather co-operates I will try and get some pictures of the things blooming in the garden it is really start to look like Spring now and at the weekend the temperature is due to get into double figures!!!!!!

Hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday

Susie x


2 thoughts on “Thursdayish!!!

  1. Monique U

    Thursdays are lovely as paydays, but mostly I feel as does Ms. Chicken… almost there… Thanks for sharing the lovely flowers and encouraging meteo outlook. Here in Maritime Canada, we have just finished our worst blizzard of the winter, so Spring seems far off. Fingers crossed, the tons of snow will soon melt away and allow the land to once again be renewed 🙂

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