Wednesday Wag!


Today is Strike Day at school so Youngest is at home and it has been great!  We had a lazy morning and now he has gone out with a couple of his friends to the cinema so it is only Mom and I at home.  Eldest is off filming a new film and he and Dad left the house at 3.30am to get to the set for 6.00am!!!!!!  I was awake but only just.

Yesterday Eldest went to the pet store and bought me some new toys!  This is gator baby and I love him.  He also bought me a squeaky chicken which is realllllllly noisy!!!!!



Mom said that I need to keep the squeaky chicken in Eldest’s room!!!!


Mom is up to date with her work and house jobs so has promised to make some cakes later and I always help when she is baking.  I sit here and watch her and if anything falls down I always let her know by licking it up quickly!!!!


I had been playing with my toys when Mom started to get my dinner ready so I was very interested in that.  We have visitors coming at the weekend and hopefully the weather is going to get better and I can spend some more time outside.

I had to go to my Doctor’s last Friday as I had managed to strain a muscle at the top of my leg and I have some tablets which always make me feel better, Mom says I always space out when I have them!  However I was most annoyed as my Doctor called me middle aged, I mean how rude is that! 

I hope you are having a very woofy Wednesday.


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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wag!

  1. lynn cockrell

    Your “wagger” is so cute! At least the doc didn’t call Treacle an “old dog who cannot be taught a new trick.” Now that would have been unacceptable!

  2. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle! I’m quite sure that in your head you are still 2! I know that in my head I am still 25…so wrong since my youngest child is approaching that age!! Come on over and we’ll go out and play like we are the age in our head!!! The sun is shining here, so hurry!!!!!

  3. Mitch and Molly

    Squeaky toys are the best, Treacle! The louder they squeak, the better they are! Have fun with squeaky chicken and we hope you get a taste of yummy cake!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

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