It Never Rains But It Pours!

You just get up to date with work and you think you are going to get a day off and what happens?  My computer decides to stop working!  Just stopped no apparent reason, it was working fine when I finished work the evening before so why?  Why, why, why?

Well it needed a new memory again!  All I can say is that I am so hard working I fry the brains out of it!!!!!!!  Well that meant I have got behind with my day work, behind with the things I need to do for swimming committee meeting and have not posted anything again for four days!!!! 

However I did get some quilting done so there is a silver lining, even if I have to spend the next week trying to catch up! I am busy trying to get the Mystery quilt finished from quilt club and it is going slowly at the moment, but I am enjoying the challenge as I am making things I haven’t done before.  I will show you some pictures later in the week.

You all know that I take part in some of the Blog Hops arranged by the very talented Madame Samm.  Well one of the Blogs I read, which I found through blog hopping, is Buzzing & Bumbling by Linda ( and last October she and her husband had the unthinkable happen, a fire at their home which completely destroyed it!  Now I think most of us would be hiding in a corner and not wanting to come out ever again but not Linda.  Her comments on the whole thing were amazing and uplifting.  Madame Samm wanted to make a quilt to support Linda in her time of need and several very talented ladies made the quilt and she also asked for support for the borders, bindings etc.  I contributed and here is the final quilt

(Pictures courtesy of Madame Samm –

Madame Samm had contacted all of us who contributed with the pictures on the strict orders of not posting about it until Linda had received the quilt!  Well we can tell everyone now as she has received the quilt and she was thrilled with it.  It will have pride of place in her new sewing room.  Linda and her husband have now found a new house and are in the process of decorating and collecting furniture for it.  Linda you are an inspiration to us all!

I had to visit the Doctors again and now have some antibiotics which I don’t like taking, oh well!  The weather here has been so much better the last few days and DH even managed to cut the lawn, the first of the season, and it smelt wonderful.  Treacle spent the day outside with DH “helping” ie running around with any twigs she could find.  I didn’t get a picture of her, she wasn’t still long enough!!!!

Hope you weekend was wonderful

Susie x

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