I’m Back!

I have finally got over the virus after two weeks of feeling really not good.  I have also got my voice back much to the disgust of DH and The Boys who thought it was really quiet!!!!!!


Even Treacle has had a miserable two weeks and I can’t decide if its because I did not sound right or whether she had got a virus too!  She has been moping about the place but not really ill!  She won’t be happy next week as she is going off to the hairdressers for a wash and brush up!

It has been really busy as well at home and work and with things on for swimming too, which always seems to be the case when you are not well.  I had to go to a business seminar the week of the voice loss.  It was a good seminar but a long day!  By the Friday evening I was laying in bed exhausted.


Youngest has been swimming in the County Championships and done well knocking more time off his existing times which is great.  The Club are also gearing up for a Fun Gala to raise some money for Sport Relief, which includes swimming for the first time.  We are also having a cake stall and tombola on the evening which should raise even more.

Eldest has been chosen as an extra for another film role, about World War I this time.  There is a theme developing here I think!!!  He is also busy with work for his exams in the summer.

We went out to dinner to some friends on Saturday and caught up with all their news and had a fun evening.  On Thursday we had parents evening for Youngest and he had a glowing report which is great as he is in the process of choosing his subjects for his GCSE exams which begin in September.

Two weeks ago we went to see our friend in the Village Pantomime again, The Barmpots!  It was a great evening and extremely funny and a great tonic when I wasn’t feeling my best.  Long may they continue!!!!!

Needless to say no quilting got done at all.  I just didn’t have the concentration to sit and sew but now that I am feeling better I hope that I can catch up on some things. 

I hope you all are doing okay and enjoying the sunshine we have here at the moment, at least it feels a little like Spring now.

Have a Terrific Tuesday

Susie x


Treacle with a little sad face!

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  1. RedSetter

    Glad to have you back and great you are back on form. Hope you’ve given your sympathetic furry companion an extra hug for all the care.

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