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One of Those Days!

I had one of those days today.  I had a doctors appointment this morning for a gynecological assessment!!! Yes that thing we hate to have done every couple of years!!!!  I don’t care how many children you have, its still an awful procedure!!!!!

Then this afternoon I had to visit the dentist as I had managed to chip a tooth on an apple!!!! There you go try and eat healthy and look what happens!!!!  Fortunately it was a quick fix and I was out in fifteen minutes, which was a relief!!

I was then running Youngest around before getting back to get dinner before swimming club tonight.  No sooner have I turned around and it is Wednesday and before you know it the weekend again!  Where do the weeks go?

Going to try and get some more done on my cushions this week.

Hope your Tuesday is a little quieter!!!!

Susie x

Busy Weekend!


IT has been raining all weekend and Youngest was camping on Saturday night.  However when we got there on Saturday morning it was decided that the ground was just too wet to pitch the tents.  They went out on a hike during Saturday and everything was muddy!!!!!  

Eldest was out for the weekend with Girlfriend so DH and I were on our own which is really strange!  So Saturday night we went to the movies!!!!  We went to see the new Jack Ryan film with Chris Pine and it was good!


We collected Youngest on Sunday morning and one of his friends to get them back home for lunch and showers before we headed off to Chesterfield for the presentation of the Chief Scout’s Gold Awards for the County.  There were over 157 Scouts there for the Awards along with parents/grandparents/aunts etc!!!


The District Commissioner for Scouts speaking, the ACC sitting to the left with Sir Richard Fitzherbert Bt. sitting to the right who is the County President, who signed and presented the Awards


Youngest with Sir Richard


The Scouts from our troop who received their awards


Youngest with his certificate – we are very proud of him

After the ceremony we had to hightail it back for swimming, where Youngest is now doing his Poolside Helpers Course, as well as swimming!!!  

This week is looking busy as well with two personal errands I have to run tomorrow for me (not nice errands either!!!!) and work to finish and generally busy with Boys and home!!!!!!!

I will get my new cushions finished!!!!!!! 

Susie x


Madam!!!!  Elegant pose.  She missed her brush at the weekend so is not looking as well put together as normal!!!!!