Tuesday and Another Cold!

Its a good job I don’t have to speak on my blog, because at the moment I haven’t got a voice!!!! I have another cold which has, again, affected my voice box which is not good for my job!!!  I have had to make some calls today and people can hardly understand me, including DH, so I have now given up!!!!!  Problem is I have to go to a business seminar on Thursday so hopefully I won’t sound so bad by then!  

Youngest is not too well either with a stomach upset, I am just hoping I won’t get that as well!

I spent the weekend quilting and got some more blocks done for the Mystery Quilt from our quilt group which was from last year (!) and I am really enjoying it and hopefully I will get some more done later this week.  I got my cushions finished and will get some pictures of those too but as I am not feeling so hot, really haven’t got much energy at the moment for picture taking and sorting!!!!!

Saw this on the web at this website, http://ccovillar.deviantart.com.  I love Game of Thrones and the new series will be on our TV’s here in April.  Love Snoopy!!!  It made me laugh (not easy to do when you are croaking and wheezing everywhere!)

Even Treacle is looking at me oddly as I don’t sound the same!!!  She is is her basket next to my desk though so it can’t be that bad.

I hope your Tuesday is better than mine.

Susie x

2 thoughts on “Tuesday and Another Cold!

  1. farmquilter

    You poor dear! You can hardly catch your breath between bugs! Honey and lemon in hot water (you can add the toddy part if you want) may give you some relief. Get your immune system back on track and strong! Praying for you!!!

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