Thursday Already!


I cannot believe that it is Thursday already and Youngest will be back at school on Monday!!!!  They have gone paintballing today and fortunately the sun has come out, after raining for a while this morning, so at least they won’t be soaked just muddy!!!!!

Whilst they are all out I am doing house jobs, Treacle helps (!), but I promised to show you what I bought at the quilt shop.


Don’t quite know why this picture is sideways!!  The green, blue and yellow is to make some more cushion covers for spring and the pink and white is for another project I am planning


Love this fabric as it is all about sewing!!! There is another colour-way which is more golden but I restricted myself to just this one (I can always go back!!!!) I am going to make this into a sewing bag!



I have always loved these panels and they had just got some more in so I bought one before they sold out again! I am going to make them into wall hangings!

The Boys have a swimming competition over the weekend so I am determined to get some quilting done whilst they are all out!!!!  

Have a thrilling Thursday

Susie x


Come on Treacle, we have jobs to do!

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