The Wednesday Wag!

Snoodles over at http://lilypadquilting.blogspot was asking about cabin fever and sometimes I get that!!!!


We have not had the snow and freezing temperatures that they have had in the US, when you have to stay in!!!!!  However the rain has kept me in, I do not like getting wet!!!  


When the weather is bad I hide under my quilt


It’s really snugly!!!!!


If its really bad weather then I hide under my quilt completely!


But I really can’t wait until Spring when hopefully the better weather is here!  Then I can spend most of the day outside!!!!!  

So although Mom is probably getting cabin fever I just take it all in my stride, nothing that a good sleep can’t over come!!!!!!!

Hope you are all coping with the bad weather and not too feverish!!! Mom is going to get some quilting done tonight, well that’s what she says!!!!!!

Have a woofy Wednesday


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3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    I totally agree with Treacle, I don’t like wet, cold weather! The “business” I have to do outside is to feed the horses, dog and cat. I spent a good deal of time this winter using an axe to chop holes in the ice of the water trough of the horses so they could get water – about 15″ thick before it started melting last week!! I did have to shovel the snow from the snow so my little Chihuahua would do her business outside!! She really hates the snow 🙂

  2. Snoodles

    Love the photos of Treacle! She’s adorable! Hope you will party with us later this week!

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