The Wednesday Wag!

If we four leg people had Olympics and it was in England this month!!!!!!

Yes it has been the wettest January on record and so far February will not be far behind, and I hate getting my paws wet!  Mom decided at the weekend that I just looked too scruffy for words and got out “The Comb”!!!!!!!  This is the dreaded “Comb” as it is metal and designed to go through my thick wool coat but I really don’t like it!!!!  However I did feel better after she and Dad had spent about an hour on me!!!



Dad please can I have my biscuit now for being groomed? 


Look how fluffy my paws look now!

Yesterday was another wash out and it was cold too, so while Mom was working at her desk I was in my basket as usual but it was still cold so Mom put my quilt over me.


I didn’t move from here until it was lunchtime!  Today looks like it is going to be the same with more rain so I won’t be going anywhere except to bed again! (Mom says I look scruffy again but what do you expect, I am busy, I can’t keep a beautifully groomed coat all the time!!!!!!)

Have a Woofy Wednesday


paw print

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Love that Treacle doesn’t like her feet wet! My little girl doesn’t like her feet wet either – I have to shovel the snow off the grass so she can potty and when there was a puddle at the bottom of the stairs she had to leap over it going down and back up! Cracked me up. Stay dry and it’s easier to not be scruffy!!

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