Baby Mia’s Quilt


Not the best picture in the world! But I have finally finished Baby Mia’s quilt!!!! Yeah.  The picture makes the sewing look all wonky but it isn’t!!!!!!

I decided to just quilt the green pieces of the quilt instead of the pictures and then just put some clasping stitches on the pictures to hold them in place.  This is the first time I have done proper free motion quilting on my new machine and I am so pleased how it came out.  I know I made a few mistakes but  I don’t think anyone will notice!!!


A closer look at the quilting.

The pictures on the quilt are from the fabric that when I got it home and started to cut it realised that the print was not straight, hence having to re-think the whole project.  I sat down yesterday to finish the quilting at 8.00am and finished sewing the border on at 8.00pm last night!


This is the back of the quilt


The quilting on the back


I am pleased with this bit of free motion quilting

Of course today is Monday and I have a load of day work to get finished and this is what my desk looks like


So I will have to do some clearing up first!!!!!  There is also lots and lots of little bits of pink thread all over the floor, which is what I used to do the quilting.   I think I will need to clear that up as well, as Treacle is walking it around the house!!!!!

I do so love it when you get a finish and it works out well!!!!

Also hello to my new Followers I will get around to sending an email out, but as you can see I was a little busy yesterday, but know that you are very welcome and thanks for stopping by.  Have a Marvelous Monday.

Susie x


Madame in her basket by my desk – how much pink thread is there on you?!

5 thoughts on “Baby Mia’s Quilt

  1. Ginny

    Your baby quilt is so sweet! Mia is one lucky baby—it’s really adorable. And it reminds me that I had better get working on a baby quilt I owe as well. It always takes longer than you think, right?

  2. farmquilter

    Well done!!! Baby Mia will love it:) Treacle looks good, I’m sure, with pink thread decorating her fur!! Thanks for sharing your finish, it’s perfect !

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