Weekend Roundup!


This is what we woke up to this morning, a really hard frost.  Which is great, hopefully the cold weather will kill off all the coughs and colds which seem to be going round at the moment.  Treacle loves it of course, but she would like snow even more!


The bird bath which is completly frozen at the moment.  I will sort it out later for the birds.


This is Treacle watching the birds fly overhead!

We had a busy end of last week with work and jobs to do.  I had to go over to Nottingham on Friday and on Saturday from 6.30am until 6.30pm we were all here :


We ran this event last year as it was our 40th Anniversary.  We had a great turn out despite the snow and what we hadn’t realised was a lot of people came as they need qualifying times for other events and this was the first Open of the year!  It was to be a one off but as this happens every year with qualifying times we had several requests to run the event again.  So we did!!!  On Saturday we had even more entries than the previous year and were almost full, we certainly ran out of seats for the spectators.

We had one or two issues on the day with the timing equipment, swimmers not turning up for their races (!), two swimmers swimming in the wrong heat (!) and the announcer, DH, having a problem with some of the names of the swimmers!!!!!  However we were only running fifteen minutes late by the end and there was no snow this year!


This was Youngest’s results of the day two thirds and two medals and he was pleased, plus knocking time off his PB’s which is more important!!!  Eldest did well but not as well as he would have liked.  But he has not been training as much as he is doing exams again and concentrating on those.


Sunday was a lazy day having been so busy the day before, just getting everything sorted for the week ahead.  I did get some done on the baby quilt, but not as much as I would have liked, but tiredness set in and I have now learnt not to do too much quilting when I am tired as this is when I make mistakes!



This was about an hour ago as the sun just starting to rise and over the valley to the hill where there is a slight mist.  It is supposed to be sunny all day but with fog developing, which is not surprising after all the rain we have had!

I am going to get some more done on the quilt tonight.  I have also made a list of things I need to get done as well.  I like lists they work for me, making a list seems to clear my mind of all the confusion so I can then concentrate on what I need to.  Well its a theory.

Have a Marvelous Monday

Susie x

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