Tuesday Already!

Wow where did four days go?  No sooner was I sitting down on Friday night for Sew In and its Tuesday!  DH went away Sunday evening for a two day business trip and is now back and I honestly don’t know where the days went.  It was really busy yesterday and today with work and the Boys have been busy with school work and exam work.  Treacle has been lazing about not doing much, except as Security Officer at night, whilst DH was away!  In fact, don’t tell DH, but she slept on the bed last night 🙂

The Australian Open has begun down under and I am enjoying watching it whilst working.  The great thing is that as they have evening sessions it means it is on in the morning here!

I went out to a swimming committee meeting last night, which went on a bit and didn’t get home until 10.00pm so I went straight to bed and have spent today sorting out the Minutes and various other issues, as well as my proper work.  I still have some things to sort out and then I am going to give up!

Youngest’s toes are healing nicely and I am getting a dab hand at dressing them now.  Nurse I hear you say!!!!!

I am still intending on doing some quilting each week and have now finished the the top for the baby quilt.  I need to get it sandwiched and quilted and then the binding put on, before Mia is at least one month old!!!!  I don’t know where the days go.  I have a basket full of ironing to do as well but that can wait until tomorrow night now!

I hope your Tuesday is Terrific.

Susie x


Treacle is tired from your Security Officer job!!!!!!

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