Friday Night Sew In!

9.45pm Update

I have managed to get some more done on Baby Mia’s quilt, but I have decided to quit while I am ahead!  I have carried on trying to get things finished before now and made mistakes as I am tired (!) so I am not going to do this now!!!

DSC03533 DSC03534

I visited the Doctors and I have a virus which is affecting my voice box and my lungs are okay but sore because of coughing!!!!  He has given me a stronger cough medicine which will also help me sleep!!!! So hopefully I won’t be prowling around the house in the wee hours.  

Susie x

Handmade by Heidi

Heidi over at Handmade By Heidi ( runs this and although she has had a Blog Break, she is back sewing now.  

Having had a rant earlier 🙁  I thought I would think about doing something creative (and make a belated New Year Resolution to stop reading the papers!!!!).  So after my house jobs and making dinner tonight, I am going to sit down and sew some more of the baby quilt!  Hopefully getting it pieced so I can then sort out getting it sandwiched ready for quilting!

I am going to the Doctors this afternoon as well, hopefully he will be able to tell me if everything is okay (not sleeping is the worse thing to me!).  I need to have a night where I sleep through and not be wandering the house at 3.00am!!!!  I could be sewing then but would probably wake the house if I did 🙁

Today we woke to find a heavy frost and a bright day, which is so much better than the rain!  I hope you have a Fruitful Friday.

Susie x

Sewing Room Envy – This is Karen’s sewing room at Sew Many Ways (  She has changed it since this picture was taken but oh to have so much space!!!!!  One day!!!!!

Hey a post about sewing – Amazing 🙂


Here is Treacle – She is following me round while I do my house jobs!

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  1. Beulah @ Sowing Stitches

    I know it sounds crazy…but….the days I eat fresh raw spinach salads…I sleep all night! As in 8 hours instead of 2 or 3 hours. Everyone’s body is different, but you may want to try a spinach salad…

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