Friday Frazzle!

I don’t normally bother or read these sorts of articles but my goodness I am so tired of them!  This is now “Should you be worried about your “thut”?”  Haven’t got a clue what a “thut” is?  Well it is yet another made up word by the media to harass women with!  This is supposedly where we should be worried if out butts and tops of our thighs have no definition!!!!!!

This is just a day after the “Bikini Bridge” (when you lay down flat in a bikini, there is a gap where your hip bones lift your bikini bottoms off of you!) which started as a hoax but is now being reported in the media as another way to beat up women!

And of course who can forget the awful “thigh gap” (when you stand up with your legs together, of course in your under wear (!) there should be a gap between the tops of your legs “generally heart shaped”!!!!!!) which if ladies you don’t have it well you really are not female!!!!! 

If, of course, we flip this style of thinking over to a man, lets see what they should be concerned about!

Gentlemen, do you have the chiseled jaw line?


Instead of your face and neck melding into a complete line with no definition?

Do you really have the famous six pack, or washboard stomach?  Or is it airbrushed on or even painted on??????????


Of course, your hair is most important!  Is it full and luxurious, or dry, damaged, and thinning on top?

Lets face it ladies we always seem to be the ones who are having to strive to be perfect and the men don’t!  Does this mean that all these articles out there are written by men, or approved by men for the media or scientifically studied by men? Yes!  

Lets face it the above image which could be for any upcoming new cop show, which obviously portrays the man as out of shape and generally a slob.  But he still has hair that looks good!  If it was a woman we would be told how appalling she looks, needs to loose at least 50lbs, stop eating junk food and get a complete makeover!!!!!!!

I, as you know, have boys, but they are still affected by this now constant media view of how people should look!  At least they are concerned about a healthy view of their bodies and want to be fit not just what it looks like, which is a good thing and comes from their swimming.  However I feel very worried for Moms who have girls and trying to cope with this constant media barrage!

Mainly I think it stems from the media being driven by the 24/7 news feed and instead of a nightly news or the daily papers, the news is there all the time and they are looking for things to fill it!

Normally this is a happy blog, except when I am feeling under the weather, and about my family, quilting (when I get time) and other things I love, but this makes me mad!  Sorry for the rant and I will now go and lie down in a darkened room!!!!

Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    As the mother of 3 daughters and 3 step-daughters…it is so hard to combat the images in the media! Luckily two of my daughters are in the military, which forces them to keep in shape, and yes, they are concerned about how they look, but they try to eat healthily and exercise to keep in shape for their jobs. Only one step-daughter is a very slender, but she is studying to be a physician’s assistant and in really into eating healthy, when she eats! With classes and studying, I’m not sure she eats as often as she should! The airbrushing of photos does no one any favors and I wish they would stop doing it.

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