Still feeling under the weather!  In fact it is a good job I don’t have to speak my blog and only write it, as my voice has now gone!!!!!!

Anyhoo I have been busy catching up, having spent three days looking after Youngest and generally feeling under the weather myself.  Today I caught up on all my day work and tomorrow I will be doing house jobs. 

One of the things I always do after the lovely Christmas cards come down is cut them up and make Gift Tags for next year’s presents!  I love recycling, especially when they are so pretty.


DSC03531 DSC03532

Here are the ones I have done this year.  One hint though is make sure you put them with the wrapping paper otherwise, like I did a few years ago, they weren’t with the paper and then I bought some tags, then found the ones I had made!!!!  Also I find that doing this you can make the tags bigger, because the ones you buy are always, I think, a little small.

Anyway it is now 11.00pm here and I am going to go to bed and try and get some sleep!  Last night I woke up on the hour every hour coughing and at 2.00am there was an almighty flash of lightening and thunder and then nothing!!!  I can tell you that you do see and hear weird things at that time of night!!!!  Wish me luck

Susie x

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