2014 So Far!

This is what it has looked like over the last few days!  We are fortunate to live on a hill so don’t have to deal with flooding, like lots of poor people are having to cope with around the country at the moment.  I hate high winds because trees fall, tiles are ripped off roofs and you have no control over it!  The house managed to come out of this latest spell of weather okay but more is coming.

Obviously in the US and Canada they are having freezing temperatures and ice storms which are equally as bad and the weather centre here is predicting that we may get that storm in a few days!  The power has fortunately stayed on in the village, as we do get a lot of power cuts, so we have managed to keep working.

I have got a heavy cold at the moment and feel completely under the weather and on Monday I had to take Youngest to the hospital for him to have an operation on both of his big toes! 



He wasn’t able to put any shoes on so was walking around in flip flops and the rest of his toes were numb!!  We had to keep Treacle away so she didn’t stand on them and he is not able to do any sport for six weeks, although he can swim, so long as we wash his feet in warm salt water afterwards and re-dress the toes!  So he is feeling sorry for himself at the moment and I don’t blame him.

DH came with us to help and then spent the rest of the day working from home which was great, although Treacle decided as Daddy was home she wanted some attention


DH at his desk in the den and Treacle being cuddled


“Daddy pose, Mom’s got the camera!”

Needless to say I haven’t got anything done on the baby quilt, I can’t see straight and don’t trust me to get the pieces put together and I don’t want to have to unpick them, so I have stayed away from it!!!!  Hope this cold gets better soon.

I hope you are having a better Tuesday than I.

Susie x 🙁

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