Christmas Festivities!

Christmas has come and gone for another year and for all the rushing around and hectic times beforehand, it is all worth it.  Christmas Eve Girlfriend came round for a little while and then some other friends who live in the village popped in, which is what I love about Christmas.

We weren’t too late going to bed as we didn’t want to be up when Santa arrived and despite the Boys being 18 and 14 they were both up by 7.00am to see if Santa had been!



Santa has been!


Guess who got in on the act?


DH & Youngest it was about 10.00am by now!


Santa had delivered Treacle’s presents as promised and she was so pleased!


However by Midday Treacle had retired to bed as she was so tired!


We always have Christmas Dinner in the evening and have a light lunch and the Boys are then allowed to open their gifts from everyone else.


The Christmas Cake was finally done


I always make a chocolate log too.


On Friday the boys Godparents came round for dinner and we had a lovely evening catching up.


Our sitting room with the lights on, the curtains drawn and the candles lit, Love it.


My Christmas Kitchen!  Last year the Boys bought me a Christmas sign for the Kitchen. It says “There is no place on Earth like a Kitchen at Christmas” and it is so true.


Boxing Day was a very laid back chilled day and the Boys didn’t get up until late.  Eldest was going away with Girlfriend and her family for the weekend to some of their friends down in Dartmouth, so he and DH checked his car to make sure it was all A-OK!  It was. 

The weekend was again very laid back with walks for Treacle in between the showers.  The weather had been awful over the Christmas break with high winds and heavy rain.  We were lucky with no problems but lots of people in the South of the country were without power over the Christmas period which was bad, but there were also lots of people flooded which I think is worse!

New Year we spent again at home (I really am a home body and don’t really like going out at this time of year) Eldest was with Girlfriend but came home just after Midnight struck.  We watched the fireworks on TV at Big Ben and then went to bed!  Treacle ended up barking at the local fireworks!!!!

The other news was that Girlfriend’s Uncle and his partner had their baby early, she was born on December 27th at 7.30pm, 6lbs 7ozs, Mia Jean! So welcome to the World little one!

Of course I was caught on the hop with all the preparations for Christmas, I had not started her quilt, although I knew she was due on January 3rd!!!!  So on Tuesday I started it!

Now have you ever had some material that is lovely but when you start to cut it you realise the print is not straight?  Well this material was like that.  So I had to change my plan and make it differently which involved some math work, which gave me a headache!!!!!  I started to sew it today and only one row has gone wrong!!!!  I still have to put the borders on and then cut the backing and get it quilted.  I have said that there may be a little delay!!!!


Here it is laid out on my dining table

I will let you see it when finished!  I usually don’t make New Year Resolutions and having read some of the blogs today I am not alone, but I think I am going to make a goal of doing some quilting every week! Well that is the aim!

DH was back at work today and Youngest does not go back to school until next Monday so I am off until then, although we have now heard that his operation for his toe has been arranged for Monday at 9.00am.  So he will have another week off school until it has healed a little bit as he is not to put any pressure on the toe.

Tomorrow some other friends, who we have known for twenty five years are coming for dinner and we will get to catch up with them. 

I hope everyone has had a lovely time over the Festive period and will have a great weekend.  Hopefully I will get the new baby’s quilt finished!

Have a fantastic Friday

Susie x


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