Christmas is Coming!

4 Days To Go!

Four days left and how much can you fit in to four days?!  Well lets see I need to finish our Christmas cake, at least the Christmas pudding is done and waiting for the day!  I need to brave the supermarket (no I didn’t get to go today!), we still need to deliver gifts, still some business work to do and oh yes have some relaxing family time too!!!!!

Tall order I think!!!  The Boys are busy getting ready for tonight (I thought it was us girls that take hours to get ready?) no Boys are as bad.  Having cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday ready for the holidays the Boys have been at home all day!!!!!!  Yes it now looks like I did nothing yesterday! 

Treacle is wandering between the Boys rooms trying to get someone to play with her, they both keep patting her on the head and that’s it so she is not being successful.  She has got in her basket beside me in disgust!  Don’t worry Treacle we will give you an extra long walk over the weekend to make up!


I need to plan some of my quilting things I need to do as well as there is another Baby due after Christmas and if I don’t get on with the quilt the baby will be here before the quilt is made!  This is Girlfriend’s Uncle and his partner who are expecting and they know they are having a little girl so I have bought some girly fabric.  I also need to finish my Autumn wall hanging (ready for next year now!) and I have Eldest’s quilt still to finish!  I changed my mind on the border for it and bought some different fabric.  I also have the Mystery quilt from our quilt club to finish and I need to also get on with another quilt I have promised!!!!!  Oh my!!!!!

My Holiday Tip for today is


Anyway it is a quick post today as I have to dash and finish some ironing before I go out tonight.  Will load some pictures tomorrow of Presentation Night.

Have a Fantastic Friday and Weekend

Susie x

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