Christmas is Coming, and Fast!

7 Days To Go!

Yes just seven days left before all the hard work and running around in the last few weeks the day is here and before Santa visits all!

We had the busiest weekend ever and great fun but we were all tired by the end of it!

Friday evening we all went to see Baby Evalyn, Mom and Dad and had dinner with them too.  Evalyn has grown a little bit and is definitely getting a little personality!


Oh no my Uncles are here!!!



I Finally got a cuddle!

We got home quite late so The Boys didn’t go swimming Saturday morning as we had the big swim meet in the evening.  We spent Saturday day trying to get things sorted out and all those little jobs done and got to the pool at 4.00pm to set up.  It started at 6.00pm with warmup for a 6.30pm start but they were already arriving when we got there at 4!  The whole evening was a success again, extremely noisy and the points were very close.

The top three would be going forward to the final between the other Division Three Clubs and the final would be on January 18th, which happens to be our Big Open Event!!!!!  We were all a little nervous as it would have meant us having to take the Team out of the Open which we didn’t really want to do and as the event is huge we need every hand to help out on the day.  Anyway half way through we were second (we were winning at the start!) then we dropped to third by half time but by the end we were fourth!  I don’t think I have ever seen our Club happy to be fourth!!!!!!  They were not disappointed as they all want to swim in the Open!!  Anyway we didn’t get home until 10.00pm and then had dinner!!!!

Sunday saw us driving over to Nottingham to see family and catch up with them and deliver Christmas Presents!  We also visited the village church where DH’s parents are.  We go and tidy up the grave and lay a wreath as Christmas was a favourite holiday with his parents.  Well we did the tidying, but left the wreath in the other vehicle!!  I blame it on being tired!

Sunday evening DH and I went to Donna & Matt’s wedding reception on the outskirts of Nottingham.  We had a lovely evening and the Bride looked beautiful!


Cutting the cake

I showed you the wreath they had received from their relatives in Australia last week, they also received these


Mr & Mrs Kangaroo!!!  Aren’t they cute?


They also asked everyone to provide a Christmas ornament for their tree so that every year they can remember the day when they dress the tree, which we thought was a great idea.  Here is the tree with the ornaments on.

By Monday morning none of us wanted to get up, including Treacle, but she was off to the groomers and I had a load of work to catch up on, including a huge basket of ironing!  After dinner we heard Christmas songs being played outside and found the local Rotary Club float outside the house with Santa paying an early call.


No matter how old the Boys are they still went out to see Santa!



Treacle normally goes out to see Santa too but her collar was being washed, as she had had a bath! so she watched from the window!!!

Today I am trying to finish off the holiday food preparations and then get on with my real work and get that up to date before the holidays begin.  Everyone we speak to this week is doing the same thing and now planning for when everyone is back in January.  Youngest finishes school on Thursday and is counting down the days.

I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday.  My Holiday Tip for today is


Susie x

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