Christmas is Coming!

12 Days to Go!

Today has been really dark and I have had the lights on all day, although it is a little milder than yesterday!  We were busy last night delivering the Christmas cards in the village and Treacle came with us.  She had her coat on as it was very cold and frosty!

I have been doing house chores today, including spending a couple of hours unblocking the upstairs bathroom toilet!!!! Why do these things always happen when you have plenty to do already?

I still have lots of jobs to do for Christmas which I am planning on doing tomorrow and Saturday.  After Christmas we are having The Boys Godparents round for dinner and I have been trying to plan the menu for that and just after New Year we are having some other friends round for dinner who we have known for twenty seven years!  It will be great to catch up on their news.

DH bought me this book a few years ago and the recipes are great, they just take time to do, so I will be looking for inspiration from it for the two meals.

DH and I are also hoping to go into Nottingham one evening next week to have a look at the lights and have a meal.  We used to do this every year with the Boys but as they are getting older they are not so keen!!!!! 

The Nottingham Council House with the skating rink in the square (I don’t go skating as I am useless!  I spend more time on the floor than upright!)

This Light Tree stands at the top of Derby Road going out of the city at Caning Circus and I love it.

The Holiday Tip for today is


Will have lots of pictures to show you next week of all the activities over the weekend.  Have a Thrilling Thursday

Susie x

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