Happy Birthday Youngest!

Andrew Asleep 290702

Happy Birthday Youngest, 14!

Every Mom’s response “where have 14 years gone?” The above picture was taken just after we moved into our current home, and he was two year’s old!  His favourite trick was to go into the fridge and get his Thomas The Tank Engine yogurts out and try every one of the four!!!!  He used to hide under the kitchen chairs at the breakfast bar, next to the radiator!!!!

Andrew 2

Do I have to be a sheep in the Playschool Nativity! Age 3


Playschool Summer Party, Age 4

Andre Asleep chair

Mom’s reading chair is so comfy! Age 4

ATP Oct 04

First Christmas at Primary School, Age 5

Busy Days

A Boy and his Dog, Age 11

Back To School!

First day of Senior School, Age 11

Anthems In The Park

The Boys!  Now he is almost as tall as his Dad and Brother!!

He is now taller than me! In three years time he will be learning to drive (!) and next year he moves into Upper School!!!!!!

He will also kill me for this Post!!!!!!!!  But I don’t care his Dad, Brother and I are proud of him!!!!!

Have a lovely Birthday!

Love Mom, Dad, Eldest & Treacle!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Youngest!

  1. farmquilter

    Happy Birthday!!! What a lovely stroll down memory lane…and such a nice looking young man he has turned out to be! Enjoy the day, mom, because now the speed really gets turned up on the years flying by!!!

  2. Judy

    Happy Birthday to your son. The hardest part of being a mom is having to let them grow up and leave home.

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