The Wednesday Wag!


As you can see it is not a very happy Wednesday Wag today!  I have been like this since last Wednesday.  

I have a sore paw and Mom noticed I was licking it a lot and then when she managed to catch me and hold me down, she found I had a sore patch, so off we went to my doctors!  He is really nice my doctor although I was not happy when he stuck a needle in me!

He thinks that I have caused the problem by licking it so I have some tablets to take, a cream for Mom to put on and this hood thing!  The only problem with it is it has stopped me licking my paw but I keep bashing into things with it, including Mom’s legs!!!!


Mom says I cannot have this off until my paw is completely healed (I caught her scratching the leg with her back leg, just where the sore is!!!!! Mom) so I don’t know how long that will be!!!!!!


I have had lots of sympathy from The Boys and a new tennis ball!  Oh well, hopefully It will be better by Christmas (hopefully sooner as you need a bath before then! Mom)

Hey I thought this was The Wednesday Wag Mom?  Have a Wonderful Wednsday

Woof, Treacle

paw print

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