Wednesday Wag on Thursday!

DSC02914You will never guess what they have been doing to me!  They, being Mom and Dad, wrapped my Christmas presents the other evening and they would not let me have them!!!!  They came up with the excuse that they have to go to Santa for him to deliver them on Christmas Eve!

I could see a lovely box of bones and a new squeaky bone and a toy that squeaked and a lovely knot ball!!!!  But I wasn’t allowed to even get a sniff of them!


I went to sulk under the dining table and this is my cross face!


I am now giving them the cold shoulder and refuse to look at them and I won’t have my picture taken!

How many days is it to Christmas?

Have a Terrific Thursday (I am now off to investigate where they have hidden my presents)

Sorry Treaks you won’t find them; I have hidden them really well until they go to Santa! Mom x

Woof, Treacle

Animal Paw Print

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