Baby Overload!


Here is Evalyn Mya with Grandpa


As you can see she is already tired from him talking to her!


Uncle Eldest!


Uncle Youngest!

DSC03312 DSC03311

Here is the Quilt I made for her, sorry the pictures are wonky, there was no one in the house except Treacle and I didn’t think she would hold the quilt correctly!

DSC03313 DSC03314 DSC03316

I also made this fabric basket to go with the quilt to put nappies or things in, and filled it with goodies.

 DSC03317 DSC03318

We also got her a little baby grow and The Boys bought soft toys (you can never have enough soft toys!)


Everything together.

We had a great visit with Evalyn, Mummy and Daddy (who both looked shattered!!)  Hopefully tomorrow the family will be home and settling in to family life.

Susie x

2 thoughts on “Baby Overload!

  1. Judy

    Congratulations on the new grand daughter she is beautiful! I think your quilt and basket are so cute with the sheep.

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