The Wednesday Wag!


Today is cooler so I enjoyed being out as it was a bit warm yesterday, especially with my thick coat!  Mom has arranged for me to visit the beauty parlour next week for a wash and brush up!

The Boys have been teaching me a new trick, which I think I am pretty fantastic at!  It involves them shouting “Paws!” at me and I then launch myself into the air with my paws out and they catch me!


Here I am with Eldest.  I usually get a biscuit after I have performed this trick!


They are going to try and film a video so they can upload it to You Tube for the Animals singing a Christmas song which is made by Klaatu42 each year.  Here is the link and if you are ever having one of those days, the animals will make you laugh!  (  Mom’s favourite is “Animals of You Tube singing Deck The Halls”  Check it out it’s great!  Also the new one “Wet Dog”

Have a Woofy Wednesday

TreacleAnimal Paw Print

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