I Can’t Believe It is October!

This is how we normally associate the weather and garden in October. However this year it is like this


Some leaves have fallen but not many and the plants are all growing like mad, including the grass!

DSC03306 DSC03304 DSC03308 DSC03307 DSC03309 DSC03310

If you didn’t know that I had taken these pictures today you would say they were summer pictures!!!  It is also lovely and warm but that is due to change later in the week with more normal temperatures.

Treacle is in her element running in and out all day until about 5.00pm when it drops very cool

It has been really hectic here over the last few days, hence no posts. Friday night we went to Goose Fair and got there about 6.00pm and it had been raining during the day so I think everyone had the same idea!  The Boys and Girlfriend went on several “large” rides and DH and I watched from the sidelines!!!!!  We both said we remembered when we took the Boys and they used to go on the “baby” rides!!!!!


There was a new ride for this year called “Air”.  Not only were you vertical the cars spun at the same time!!!  We didn’t go on it, just stood and watched!!!  Afterwards we walked back into Nottingham City Centre and went for pizza to celebrate Girlfriend’s Birthday which was Saturday.  

DH, Youngest and I were at swimming on Saturday night and our Club was hosting.  As the day had been warm the indoor pool was like a sauna so we made lots of cold drinks for the officials and coaches!!! Our Club came Third which was a great result.

Sunday we were trying to get some jobs done. Eldest has begun work on his new courses which is good and Youngest is busy at school.  He has now volunteered himself to help on the Scout committee!

This week is another busy week for business and we are swimming again on Saturday at Market Drayton about an hour ish away from us. After this week there are a couple more weeks left before Half Term and a week off for Youngest!

As the weather is so nice I have not put up any Halloween decorations yet, it still seems like summer!

Have a thrilling Tuesday

Susie x

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