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Pin It Blog Hop!

I mentioned earlier this week about this wonderful Blog Hop which begins next week on September 10th.  The Cheerleader for this Hop is Kristen over at Meadowbrook ( who has done a great job of organising us all.  Here is the Schedule :

September 10


Thimblemouse and Spouse

Sunshine Quilting

The Distracted Domestic



De Handwerktuin

How ART You?

Den syende himmel

Stitching & Stuff

Susie’s World at Quilt Creations

Grammie Q’s

Selina Quilts

Pig Tales and Quilts

Robin’s Fabric Nest

Gr8dame’s Place

September 11

Vroomans Quilts

More Stars In Comanche

Dancing Through Threads

Jackie’s Art Quilts

What About Rheema?


Elizabeth Coughlin Designs

Just Let Me Quilt

Patchouli Moon Studio

Bea Quilter

Quilting Lines

I Piece 2 Mary


Nati’s Little Things

Marjorie’s Busy Corner



September 12

Cherrys Prairie Primitives

In Stitches& Seams

Sew And Sow Farm

Domestic Deficit Disorder

A Geeky Crafty Life

Moosestash Quilting


Quilter in Motion

In The Boondocks

Hill Valley Quilter


Callender’s Creations   

Kreatywnie By Editha

Sew New To Sewing

Pieced Brain

Sheila’s Quilt World

September 13

Quilting In South Carolina

Negligent Style

Debby Kratovil Quilts

Sew Many Yarns

News From Bear Hollow

Around The Homestead

Living with Purpose

Buzzing and Bumbling

Colorpoint Quilter

Scraps of Life

Daisy Days


Life @ RuffHaven

AnnieOak Designs

Grandmama’s Stories

Suebee’s World

Handmade by Mama

September 16

De Zondagssteek


The Tilted Quilt

A Stitch In Time

Asimplelife Quilts

Jane’s Quilting

Quilt Doodle Doodles

Dancing Moon

 Bloom Where I Am Planted

Busy Bee Free

Marpie’s Sewing Projects

The Stitchin’ Post

Sew Much 2 Luv

Rose Creations

Lixie Makes It

Sunshine Reflections

Needled Mom

Sew Incredibly Crazy

September 17

Life in the Scrapatch


Amy Made That…by eamylove

Michelle’s Romantic Tangle


Kwilty Pleasures

Words and Stitches

Val’s Quilting Studio

Les Quilts

Sew Peace to Peace

Bumbleberry Stitches

Susie’s Sunroom

Quilts From My Crayon Box

Quarter Incher

I Like to QuiltBlog

Just Quilt It

Sew We Quilt

As you can see there are lots and lots of ladies who are busy creating lots of wonderful pincushions for you to see.  The fun begins on September 10th and I am hosting on that day, so pop along and see what I have been up to.  There will also be a Giveaway too.  

Have a Thrilling Thursday

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag


I am staying out of the way today as Mom is a whirling dervish! She is busy getting the house cleaned, washing and ironing done and everything ready for Youngest to go back to school tomorrow.  

I hate this time of year as I am so used to The Boys being off that I hate it when they go back to school, they are so much fun!


Today is warm and sunny and I have been out playing in the garden today, as it has been too warm for a walk.  I have inspected the garden thoroughly and made sure that the pesky squirrel is not hiding and I did almost catch a magpie last night but it was too quick and hopped onto the fence and flew off!

Mom and Dad are having a date night on Friday which means I will be home with The Boys, which will mean lots of sweet treats, but don’t tell Mom!!!!!

I hope the warm weather lasts a little longer as I love the door being open to the garden all day and I can wander in and out.  As it starts to get cold Mom keeps the door shut so I am hoping it is going to be the Indian Summer they have predicted.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather. 

Woof, Treacle

Animal Paw Print


The Machines Are Revolting!


Do you remember the good old days when you had a coffee machine which had a jug and a filter?  You used to put the coffee in, fill it up with water and then the wonderful smell of coffee infused the kitchen?  Well we decided to buy this machine for Eldest and he has been busy playing with it and for him it makes a great drink.

For me it has a mind of its own and decides to either not dispense the right amount of water or the coffee tastes yuck!!!!!!

My phone decided to have a moment yesterday and wouldn’t send any texts or messages!

My car started beeping at me when I started the engine with a message about the tyre pressure system!

My Accounts package which I had managed to get sorted two weeks ago has gone on the fritz again!

So on this basis I am not going to touch my new machine today!

Eldest came home this morning from filming, buzzing again.  There was only sixteen of them last night filming so the odds are going up that we will seem him when it is finished!  We were joking that if we get to go to the premier with all our friends and family, when we see him on the screen we will all be jumping saying “look, look it’s Alexander!!!!!”

Can you tell how proud of him we are ?

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Susie x



I Have A Wonderful DH!!!!! (Darling Husband)!

DSC03266Look at my new machine!  Isn’t my Darling Husband wonderful to have bought it for me?  I would never have bought this on my own!!!!!  It is a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QC and it does everything! 

I had a new sewing machine three years ago because DH managed to, by accident, to knock my old one off my desk with his briefcase he was carrying!  It was a pure accident but I had had my old machine since I was about eight so it was a real loss.  The old machine was metal and so when it landed on the tile floor it really did not fair well! 

Fortunately it was covered on our house insurance so when I went to buy the replacement I took my old book into the store and said I wanted my new machine to do everything the old one did.  They recommended the Janome range and it is a great machine.  This is before I started quilting.

Obviously it is a sewing machine and I have managed to do some lovely things on it but really struggled to quilt anything bigger than a cot size quilt on it.  So when we went to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham there was a huge Janome stand and DH said lets have a look!  One thing I didn’t have on the new machine which my old one did was an extra long table.  I have looked at the accessories but you could not buy a table for the machine I have.


Of course you can get tables for the specific quilting machines!!!!  So DH asked one of the sales ladies to give us a demonstration of the quilting machines and they had three of the big ones there.  They all did the same with just a few differences in amount of stitches etc.  So he said we would have the middle priced one and that was it!  My new machine was coming home with us!!!!


Since it has arrived and I have unpacked it, I haven’t had chance to play yet and the anticipation is killing me!!  We have been so busy with Eldest and all his celebrations that I haven’t even unpacked the things I took away with me.  However this weekend I am determined to get something done.  I have lots of things to finish and start so need to get a move on.

One thing I did get done is the Pin It pincushions for the Pin It Blog Hop which begins on September 10th.  I will be posting the schedule up soon and as with all of Madam Samm’s Hops this one is going to be great.

So a Huge Hug and thank you to my Darling Husband for spending his pennies on me!

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Susie x

(PS The filming went well last night for Eldest and he is in the action!  When we know more about the film I will let you know!!!!)