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Hello and welcome to my Day on the Pin It Blog Hop, pinned by Madame Samm and organised by our wonderful Cheerleader Kristen at Meadowbrook Blog.

The recorded origins of pincushions date back to the Middle Ages of Europe.  They became known by many names: pimpilowes, pimpilos, pimplos, pimploes, pin-pillows, pin-poppets. By the 16th century, these were supplanted by references to “pyn pillows

A selection of antique pin cushions

The most popular design was a tomato with a strawberry attached and was most likely introduced during the Victorian Era. According to folklore, placing a tomato on the mantle of a new home guaranteed prosperity and repelled evil spirits. If tomatoes were out of season, families improvised by using a round ball of red fabric filled with sand or sawdust. The good luck symbol also served a practical purpose; a place to store pins.

Pin Cushions today come in all shapes and sizes and designs.  I love them and have several, especially ones the Boys have found on their travels.  For this Blog Hop I decided, as we have just gone into Autumn, to make four pin cushions, one for each season.  So here are my cushions


My Spring Daisy Pin Cushion


My Summer Flower Pin Cushion


My Autumn Horror Pin Cushion


My Winter Christmas Pin Cushion


The Four of Them Together!

I had great fun making them and have found out a great deal about my new machine (yes there were a few wrong turns!!!!!) but I think they turned out really well.

DSC03280 DSC03281

This is one of my pin cushions that the Boys bought for me.  The best piece of cake ever, no calories!!!!!!


This is one that DH bought for me a long time ago and I love its simplicity!

So I hope you have enjoyed my cushions. Now onto the Giveaway


To Win all you have to do, if you don’t already, is please follow my blog and let me know you stopped by.  That’s It.  I will get Mr Random Number Generator to draw a name on September 18th after the Hop has ended.  I will ship Internationally and please make sure you are not a no-reply blogger.  If you are not sure, leave me your email address in your comment.

What you can Win is this :

DSC03283 DSC03284 DSC03285 DSC03286


Three pieces of Christmas fabric and a set of fabric Christmas labels all tied up with a Christmas ribbon.  Also


This sweet little penguin fat quarter!

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A Huge Thank You To Kristen and Madam Samm and I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday and watch those fingers with the Pins!!!!

Susie x


Treacle says thanks for Hopping with us!

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  1. connandvansmom

    What beautiful pin cushions. Loved readign about the history behind them. Thank you for shaeing with us today. I am following via Bloglovin. conn_and_vans_mom at yahoo dot com.

  2. Jean Martin

    Hi, never thought off making pin cushions before, but most I’ve seen today are like little works of art. Think I might give some a try for presents to my sewing friends this Christmas. Jeanie

  3. Pauline

    What a great idea to make seasonal pin cushions! Very sweet, thanks for sharing pictures photographs of you beautiful antique pin cushions.

  4. DeAnna

    Thanks for the history. I always wondered why the tomato! Now I know! Your seasonal pincushions are awesome! I’m a follower on Bloglovin. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  5. Bente

    Wonderful pincushions you have made.
    One for every season, very clever.
    Thank you for sharing the antique pincushions too, they are absoutely gorgeous!

  6. Shelia

    Love your post and the history you gave. I can’t wait until my post day Friday. I’m following your blog and crossing my fingers for your awesome giveaway.
    Happy quilting,

  7. Marla Nelson

    Love all the pin cushions. Very nice give away and I do follow. Love all my blog friends and seeing all the wonderful things that each and everyone of you make.

  8. Sue

    I love your seasonal pincushions! Thank you for sharing the history of pincushions…who would have known about the tomato? I follow you on bloglovin’

  9. s

    Love the history lesson. It never ceases to amaze me what we share in the blogworld. I grow daily. Your seasonal cushions are wonderful, it was a great idea.

  10. Susan

    Love your pin cushions! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! I am a new follower and look forward to being inspired by you.

  11. Audrey

    Wonderful seasonal pin cushions. After I finish posting this comment I will be a new follower. After a little bit of exploring,I really like what I see. Treacle looks like an adorable dog. Thanks for being part of the blog hop. What a wonderful way to enter the world of blogging. Your giveaway is lovely too. Just in time for the season.

  12. Anonymous

    I really do love your pincushions. I collect vintage pincushions so I really ,loved seeing your antique pincushions as well. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I am a follower of your blog.

  13. LJ

    I spent a couple of minutes just looking at your autumn picture on your site; it’s gorgeous. Thanks for giving some history and sharing the antique pincushions. That’s a neat idea to make cushions for the seasons. I still have my first ‘tomatoe’ pincushion I bought while I was still a kid at home. Poor old thing is about 60 but works just as well as it always did. (Wish I could say the same about myself!!)
    I follow with Feedly.

  14. Susan

    TY for the great insight into the history of pin cushions. I love your seasonal approach to the pin cushions. What a great idea for the boys to bring you pin cushions from their travels. One of my grandmothers collected tea cups. After my mother died, there were the teacups – not many, but a few. My brother and I hated to part with them. He took the box and handed it to me and said – “Here, you take them!” It’s amazing how “small” things can have a significance to us. I adore your pin cushions and agree with you about the lovely simplicity of the one your DH gave you. Thank you for participating and sharing your creativity with us.

  15. Annette Schultz

    great pin cushions, it’s great to see sew many different ideas .
    thanks for sharing
    and a give away too.
    in stitches

  16. Brandy Pettit

    I love the Autumn Horror pin cushion, the colors are so vivid. Thank you for sharing your projects, and for the history, I always questioned the tomato!
    brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

  17. Timtirim

    Great ideas, my favorite is the spring flower. I’m a new follower and I’m very happy to have found you!

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