The Wednesday Wag


I am staying out of the way today as Mom is a whirling dervish! She is busy getting the house cleaned, washing and ironing done and everything ready for Youngest to go back to school tomorrow.  

I hate this time of year as I am so used to The Boys being off that I hate it when they go back to school, they are so much fun!


Today is warm and sunny and I have been out playing in the garden today, as it has been too warm for a walk.  I have inspected the garden thoroughly and made sure that the pesky squirrel is not hiding and I did almost catch a magpie last night but it was too quick and hopped onto the fence and flew off!

Mom and Dad are having a date night on Friday which means I will be home with The Boys, which will mean lots of sweet treats, but don’t tell Mom!!!!!

I hope the warm weather lasts a little longer as I love the door being open to the garden all day and I can wander in and out.  As it starts to get cold Mom keeps the door shut so I am hoping it is going to be the Indian Summer they have predicted.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather. 

Woof, Treacle

Animal Paw Print


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