The Machines Are Revolting!


Do you remember the good old days when you had a coffee machine which had a jug and a filter?  You used to put the coffee in, fill it up with water and then the wonderful smell of coffee infused the kitchen?  Well we decided to buy this machine for Eldest and he has been busy playing with it and for him it makes a great drink.

For me it has a mind of its own and decides to either not dispense the right amount of water or the coffee tastes yuck!!!!!!

My phone decided to have a moment yesterday and wouldn’t send any texts or messages!

My car started beeping at me when I started the engine with a message about the tyre pressure system!

My Accounts package which I had managed to get sorted two weeks ago has gone on the fritz again!

So on this basis I am not going to touch my new machine today!

Eldest came home this morning from filming, buzzing again.  There was only sixteen of them last night filming so the odds are going up that we will seem him when it is finished!  We were joking that if we get to go to the premier with all our friends and family, when we see him on the screen we will all be jumping saying “look, look it’s Alexander!!!!!”

Can you tell how proud of him we are ?

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Susie x



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