Pets on Quilts Show 2013!


Treacle and I were determined not to miss this year’s Pets on Quilts Show over at Lily Pad Quilting (, we did miss it last year but not this!!!!

So without further ado I present Treacle on her Quilt!

DSC02914 DSC02915 DSC02916 DSC02917 DSC02918I think my favourite picture is this one, she has that look on her face of “no more pictures Mom, please?”!!!!!!!!

If you missed my post of how this quilt came about, it was from Thelma’s Blog at Cupcakes ‘n Daisies.  Her dog, Cooper, has his own quilt where he sits and sleeps.  Treacle since a puppy has always sat or lay down in this spot, as she can see into all the rooms from there as our downstairs is all open plan.  So I thought she should have a quilt too!

So this is our Entry in the “Dog on Quilt” for Pets On Quilts 2013 Show.

Hugs, Susie and a Woof from Treacle.

27 thoughts on “Pets on Quilts Show 2013!

  1. Nancy

    Hi Susie! I enjoyed meeting Treacle and seeing her beautiful quilt. Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug would like to be her American boyfriends. Pugs and kisses, Nancy

  2. joanieinnc

    Treacle is so cute! That is so neat that you made Treacle his very own quilt! Our Cassie during the day plants herself at times so she can keep track of hubby and me. I enjoyed reading how Treacle found a place to keep track of you all.

  3. Teje

    Hi Susie and sweet Treacle! Your quilt is beautiful and Treacle is so cute! x Teje
    Ps. Thank you for your visit and comment! (Your comment leads to your first blog)

  4. Lynette

    Awww – What a sweetie! What breed of dog is this? I love her! And how nice of you to make her a quilt for her special spot. 🙂

  5. Lee

    Helloooo ~ Let me introduce myself, I am Sweet William The Scot, and I am taking the tour of the quilts. I am more of a dog blogger, but I have made three quilts in my lifetime. One of my best friends is an Airedale. Treacles’ furs are the perfect color to model your quilt.
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Dana Gaffney

    Treacle is beautiful! I know that look well of please no more pictures, but at least she didn’t run away 🙂

  7. Jacque (aka Snoodles)

    What a beautiful pup, and a lovely quilt….thank you for joining us at the Pet Show party!

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