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Hot Summer Saturday Sew In!



AMERICANA INTERNATIONALEuropes #1 American Lifestyle Event held annually in the heart of the UK.Europe’s #1 American lifestyle event just keeps on growing. The show regularly attracts more than 40,000 weekenders, exhibitors and day visitors. This massive tribute to the USA is unique in its widely ranging attractions that appeal to tens of thousands of like-minded people from all over the world. For well over two decades the event has given its faithful supporters a long weekend of cool American music, great cars, motorcycles, trucks, RV’s from the early 1900s to the present.

DH and They Boys are having a Guy’s day out today here at the Americana International show at Newark, Nottinghamshire.   They will be gone all day!  This morning it was 70°F at 8.00am and the temperature is due to climb during the day to 84°F with a heatwave warning for our area! So the official advice is; if you are out in it wear loose clothing, drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.  I packed my lot up with two bottles of sunscreen, loads of bottles of water and hats, they looked like they were going hiking!!!!!

So Treacle and I are left at home.  Fortunately our house is cool and with all the windows open and the curtains and blinds drawn it stays cool. 

So as it is too warm to be out in the garden I am having a Saturday Sew-In and I am going to get Eldest’s quilt finished!!!!  I will try and post progress by the end of today!

Just swap Friday Night for Saturday!!!!!

Stay safe in the warm weather and have a wonderful Weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Susie x


As you may have realised it has been warm and sunny here over the last few days and dare we hope to say summer, after last year’s very wet and cold summer.  It said in the papers a few months ago that it would be a good year for butterflies and moths and I think this must be true, because when I went out the other morning, this is what I found on the wall of our house.


Lime Hawk Moth

This is a Lime Hawk Moth and I have never seen one around our way before, then next to him was :


Elephant Hawk Moth

No I have never seen him before either!


A White Ermine Moth

Don’t you just love his ruff!  

They were all clustered around the garage door where we have outside lights, which is obviously what attracted them during the night, but they were still there the next morning. 

Humming-bird Hawk-moth

Two years ago we saw this in the garden, a Humming-bird Hawk moth.  It was around the buddleia (the butterfly bush) and was busy with the flowers.  This picture is courtesy of The Butterfly Conservation website, as the one we saw was far too fast for us to take a picture!

Today is cloudy here but still warm.  I have loads of jobs to catch up on in the house (the ironing basket is breeding overnight and multiplying by the hour!!!!!) as well as lots of work to do too!!!!!!  Wish me luck!!!!!

Cartoon by Arnie Levin

Have a Thrilling Thursday

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!


My Social Secretary (Mom!) arranged for my annual check up today here at my doctors and my annual injections.

Waiting room viewed from the in door

This is the waiting area

Air-conditioned consulting room 1

This is the consulting room – I am too big for the table so my Doctor deals with me on the floor

Jason Bestwick Veterinary Surgeon

This is my Doctor, Mr Jason Bestwick.  He always gives me a treat after my exam

I got a clean bill of health, my teeth are clean, all my legs working perfectly, eyes and ears clean and I had my injection with no problems!!!  I also had a nice worming tablet to take and some flea treatment, especially as it is very warm at the moment.  

Even better I got my lunchtime biscuit early, when we got home, for being so good!  I left my Social Secretary to deal with my bill, whilst I reclined in the car waiting to get home!


It has been a busy morning, so I am having a rest before Youngest gets home from school.

Have a Waggy Wednesday.

Woof, Treacle

Animal Paw Print

Pictures courtesy of Marshall & Till Website :


DSC03006This is the picture on my Calendar for July!


Here is the start of our Carnival!

Since my last post it has been hectic round here with the rest of Carnival. Tuesday July 2nd was the walking Treasure Hunt round the village and although it rained during the day, the evening was dry for all the hunters!  We had great fun although I don’t think we did very well with the clues!

Wednesday July 3rd was Duck Race night and again the weather was cool but not raining.


Eldest was in the Brook waiting to catch the ducks.


The Duck Race Field ready for the crowds!

Thursday July 4th saw the Wild, Wet & Wacky teams out on the Park playing with water!!! The weather had improved and the day was very warm. Eldest helped set out the games and Youngest was in a team which came 14th out of 32 so they did really well.  I didn’t get any pictures (by Thursday, the week was getting away from me!!!) 

Friday I had to go to the hospital for some scans, to be on the safe side, so spent the morning at the hospital. Youngest had a training day off school, so he and Eldest helped set up the park.  DH also went down in the evening and they got most of it done.  The weather was fantastic, if a little warm for the workers, but it  made everything go well.

Saturday July 6th saw us up with the birds and down at the park at 6.00am getting things ready for the start of Carnival at 1.00pm  and the day flew by.  The weather was hot, in fact very hot, and by the finish at 5.00pm a lot of people had left.  Clear up didn’t take too long but DH, Eldest, Girlfriend, Youngest and I were shattered!  It was a great day but long and hot!!!!!


The parade arrives on the park


More Floats


The Carnival Queen and Attendants Float


Eldest & Girlfriend

DSC03027 DSC03026 DSC03025 DSC03020 DSC03019 DSC03017 DSC03016

Sunday July 7th saw us all up at 5.00am again (!) to get to the swimming pool for our Club’s Open where we had swimmers coming from all over the county and further afield (Wales!!!) to swim!  Eldest isn’t able to swim at this Open as his times are too fast, but Youngest did and he had three great swims, knocking several seconds off his times and coming First, Second and Fourth in them.  He was so pleased with his trophies and medal.  DH and I were really tired and managed to get dinner for all of us and then collapsed into bed early.  Eldest, Girlfriend and Youngest were also nodding off after dinner and soon decided to call it a day!

Monday turned out to be a sort out day, with the washing hamper full from the weekend and the house a mess having just dumped things from Saturday with no time to sort them out because of Sunday!!!!  We all had early nights on Monday as well.

Tuesday back to work and a basket full of ironing (the washing and Ironing fairy didn’t get anything done overnight – she must be really busy!!!!!)

I think that summer is here for a little while, as the weather is forecast to be warm and sunny everyday this week (don’t want to speak too loud in case we frighten it away!!!!) We just hope it will stay like this for when we are away on vacation in Scotland soon.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a Terrific Tuesday!  I still have to get some more blocks done for Eldest’s quilt which I will now be concentrating on.

Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag!


Here I am At the Dog Show

Monday night was our Dog Show.  Mom gave me an extra long brush so my coat looked great and I managed to stay out of the bushes so by the time we started I was still looking good!


Eldest and Youngest took it in turns to take me up to see the nice lady Judge.  They entered me in the Adult Dog Category 3 – 6 Years Old, Best Young Handler 12 and above, Most Ear-Ristible Ears and Best Wag.  We did okay until Best Wag and my Boys had brought my tennis ball with them.  Normally when I hold my ball and they then talk to me, I wag my tail like mad, in fact my whole rear end wags!  But not on Monday, I am sorry but there were just too many distractions!


Now every other dog who had entered had managed to get either a first, second or third place but me!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 So I ended up in the Best Unplaced Dog Category at the end.  However it is not all sad, because there was only me in that category so I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This meant I got into the Final category, Best in Show.  I didn’t win this, Pepper did, but it was all great fun.


Yesterday I was really tired after such an exciting evening.  I got to meet loads of new doggies and see friends I already know.  So I spent the day in my basket.  

DSC02999 DSC03003 DSC03004

Here I am with my winning Rosette!!!!

Have a Winning Waggy Wednesday


Animal Paw Print

Doggie Days !

After a very busy weekend where we were all going in different directions, needless to say I didn’t get to the quilt show 😦  However the weather was fantastic, especially for the start of Carnival in the Village last Sunday.

Last night was the Fun Dog Show, organised by Fiona and myself and even though it can be a little trying at times to organise, it is great fun on the night.  We had sixteen entries, the youngest dog being Flo who is 13 1/2 weeks old and and the oldest dog being Oscar who is 7!

Every dog who enters gets a Bonio biscuit for entering and then there are prizes for First, Second and Third.  Because there were sixteen of them, every dog won something which was great.  Our Judge, Sandra, who used to judge dogs at Crufts, did a splendid job and got the children walking the dogs round, just like you see them at Crufts.


The dogs waiting to see the Judge


You need to walk forward!  Which direction?


Let’s have a look at you!


Best Trick category, you are supposed to go through the legs, Charlie went round!


You’re supposed to be sitting and paying attention Treacle!




Waiting to be called


Flo decided her little legs were tired!


What is this woman doing to my ears!


Best Trick – it never works on the day!


The largest category of the whole evening Senior Dog – there was only Oscar!


The Winner of Best in Show –  Pepper who is 1 Year Old

Tina is her human and Tina’s Niece, Amber, showed her.

Congratulations to Pepper and all the dogs and their families who came down to the show


This is what Pepper Won


Pepper also gets a Best In Show ribbon and keeps the cup for the year.

We had a great evening, the weather was perfect, warm with a slight breeze, so everyone was comfortable, especially the dogs.  We couldn’t have run it without the help of Chris and Lisa, Pat, Fiona, Simon, Bill and My lot DH, Eldest, Girlfriend and Youngest and of course, Treacle.  She has made me promise not to tell you how she did so she can tell you tomorrow on the Wednesday Wag!

Tonight is the walking Treasure Hunt around the village, although it is due to rain this evening!!!!! By the end we may look like drowned rats.

Hope you have a thrilling Tuesday.

Susie x