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The Nation Holds Its Breath!

Expectant mother: Kate, pictured when she was seen in public for the last time in June, has been admitted to hospital after she went into labour this morning

As the Nation waits for news on whether it is a Boy or a Girl, Youngest, Treacle and I are taking bets between us as to what it is going to be.

I have said it is a Boy and Youngest has said a Girl.  So we have a £1 bet on that.  Treacle not to be outdone got in on the act


Treacle has bet Youngest that The Duchess of Cambridge is having a Boy and Youngest says a Girl.  The bet? A Bonio of course!!!!!!

The next few hours will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather is again hot and sunny but we are forecast thunder storms later in the week.  Today I have been trying to negotiate my way around our new Accounts package and I am about ready to throw it out of the window, papers and all!!!!  I have still got quite a bit of work to get done before the end of the week, when we go away and I am hoping it will get done.  

Of course I have lots of other things we need doing before I go away as well and sometimes I wonder whether it is actually worth going away, with this mad dash of things to do beforehand?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday.

Susie x

Weekend Travels

We were all up at the crack of dawn this morning (well not quite but it may as well have been as it was 5.00am!!!!) to take Eldest and Girlfriend to the airport for a flight to Menorca again!!!!

Not jealous at all, no.  We only have to stay here and get as many jobs as possible completed this weekend and next week, before we can go away next weekend, whilst they sit around on the above beautiful beach sunning themselves!!!!

So although it is now 11.30am it feels like oh 2.00pm!!!!  Even Treacle who was up and out and breakfasted before we left seems a little confused about the time!

Later DH and I are going round to our Boys Godparents’ house for dinner and looking forward to it.  Although Godmother has planned a very summery meal because the weather is so hot, today is cooler and not as sunny!!!  See you just can’t win in this country!!!


I have spent some of this morning since we got back getting the rest of the summer things out of storage in the attic and putting winter things away.  What I would love is a walk in closet like the above picture!  What I have is a walk in closet the size of a Harry Potter “cupboard under the stairs”!!!!  So each spring and autumn I have to have a huge turn around of clothes and it is a job I hate doing!!!!!  I didn’t even bother last year as the weather was so bad and I did think it was going to be the same this year until the last few weeks, hence being so late doing it.

I have also discovered Youngest has grown out of all the pairs of shorts he had (he didn’t have any new ones last year) so a shopping trip is planned for when the schools break up on Tuesday.

We also need to give the garden a tidy before next week, so that there won’t be so much to do when we get back.  I love holidays but hate coming back and having to catch up on loads of jobs!

Also hoping to get some quilting done too.  I have signed up for the new Hop of Madame Samms in September, Pin It, and the Cheerleader is Kristen at Meadowbrook.  I love pincushions and have made quite a few.  Sign up was yesterday but I am sure if you contact Kristen she will try and fit you in.  The Hops are great fun, you get to make contact with quilters from all over the World and get some brilliant ideas too.  Have a go. 


I will be sorting mine out whilst we are away and there will be a Giveaway too.  So don’t forget to pop back when the schedule is up.

I had better get on and get some lunch and try and tidy up my bedroom which now looks like a thrift store!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Summer’s Weekend

Susie x


Hot Dog!!!!!!

My Grandfather


Having read Sharon’s post at Dexter’s Days (here : about her Aunt, I suddenly realised that yesterday would have been my Grandfather’s 116 Birthday!  


Frank Knight

He was born on July 18th 1897 in Lancashire but moved when he was quite young to Yorkshire, which if any of you know your history was a heinous thing to do, since the War of the Roses!!!!!  Although the war began in 1465 there are still bad feelings between the two counties!  The family eventually settled in Nottingham, where my Grandfather met my Grandmother.


He was the eldest of three children, his sister Sarah was two years younger and Daisy was twelve years younger, sadly she died not long after this picture was taken from respiratory problems.  This picture was taken after they moved to Nottingham. The other lady is his Mom, Annie.

This first picture was taken in his uniform from the First World War where he was in the tank corp.  Fortunately he survived and came home, which was an amazing feat during World War I as most tanks and their crews were destroyed.


The above picture was taken on holiday in Kingsand/Cawsand in Cornwall. This is how I remember them.  I was born when Grandad was 67, and Grandma was 60, and they had retired from work so during the holidays I spent a lot of time with them.  It was Grandma who taught me to sew and a million other things.

From Grandad I learnt how to garden, about plants and flowers and animals and basic car maintenance!!!!  He had his own workshop in the garage with an inspection pit and used to service his car and my parents car.  Of course that was in the days when you could service your own cars, unlike now where you need a computer!!!!!!!

When I was at school my Mom and Dad both worked, so Grandad used to take and fetch me from school and I used to go on holiday with them for the whole of the summer holidays and I was never bored.  We used to spend days walking or gardening and when we were at the seaside fishing or hunting in the pools left after the tide had gone out for crabs!!


This was taken on the day of my Christening

I was fortunate to have both of them in my life until Grandad passed away when I was thirteen and he was eighty years old. He had not been ill and just did not wake up one morning, which in the grand scheme of things was a good way to pass on.  I love having the memories of my time with them and try and pass on stories of when I was little, so that our Boys can know them a little bit.

So thanks to Sharon for her post and wonderful pictures of her Aunt and reminding me of happy times with my Grandad.

Happy 116th Birthday Grandad!

Have a lovely sunny weekend wherever you are and stay cool

Susie x

A Day In The Life Of Treacle

Its another Hot Hot Day!

Treacle missed her Wednesday Wag yesterday as she was at the groomers!  It is really hot here again, not as hot as some States in the US, but hot for us and she really appreciated the haircut.  Although the ladies who do the cutting all looked like they had been working in a sauna all day!!!!!!!

So Today I thought I would show you what Treacle gets up to in a normal day!


8.00am Relaxing in the garden


10.00am Sunbathing


Lunchtime – Biscuit and playtime


2.00pm Its too warm even for lying on her mat, just the cool tiles.

She is still lying in the above position now at almost 4.00pm!!!!  

I have managed to get the house clean from top to bottom and most of the washing completed but it has taken it out of me today.  I feel like I want to go and lie down somewhere cool and sleep for a week!!!!!  I am not complaining you understand, it is just so warm when you still have all your normal jobs to do!

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday wherever and keeping cool!

Susie x


Mom, stop tickling me with your feet!!!!!

Tuesday Twiddles!


My flower pots on the steps and Treacle got in on the act and my washing!!!!!!!

The weather is hot today again and everyone is feeling the strain!  If only we had summers like this every year I think we would get used to it. but as we only get this weather every five (!) or so it seems, it takes it out of you.

Sunday DH and I were invited out to a garden party lunch which was also a fundraiser for our local Councillor at her home.  Again the weather was amazing and she has a fantastic home and garden which we made full use of.  Some other friends had also been invited and afterwards they came back with us for dinner.  It was a great way to spend a summer Sunday sunny afternoon.

Yesterday was a catch up day for paperwork and try and get things sorted before we go away.  I also managed to get my basket of ironing done before it got too warm and go to my Pilates class!  In the evening DH and Youngest were at the Scout meeting, as it was the last one before the summer holidays and they played rounders and had hot dogs! 

For me it was Quilt Club in Nottingham and there was quite a few of us there, but not as many as usual as people were away on holiday, making the most of the sunshine.  I forgot to take my camera or my Blackbery tablet so had to take pictures on my phone, completely forgetting I cannot get the pictures off it!!!! So there were some lovely quilts but I will show you eventually.


My pots and Treacle!


My most favourite flowers, Lavender!


My garden in summer

This morning I feel really tired and again I think it is the heat, not that I am complaining as it is miles better than last year will all the rain and how cold it was.  I have just brought some of my washing in and I love the smell of it after it has been dried out of doors!  I am hoping to get some more blocks of Eldest’s quilt done later!!!!  Got to finish it!!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Susie x

Saturday Sew-In Update!

DSC03066Here are the blocks I have managed to get done! Yeah 🙂

It is now 84°F and very humid and hot and I think we could get some thunderstorms later!!! 

Is it not always the same that when you sit down to get a lot done and something decides you are not going to?  Yes well my sewing machine decided that was today!!!!  I had just sat down with my first block and my machine decided it was going to keep breaking the thread!  Then the needle decided to start catching 😦 

So I cleaned it, put a new bobbin in, new needle in and re-threaded the machine again.  Guess what it worked fine!!!! But this was after chewing some of my material!!!!!!

The Boys had a fantastic day and got back about 3.30pm hot, tired but happy.  Here are a few pictures of what they saw

DSC03046 DSC03047 DSC03049 DSC03050 DSC03051 DSC03052 DSC03053 DSC03055 DSC03058 DSC03063 DSC03064 DSC03065

It is now 5.30pm and I need to get dinner sorted and hopefully get some more sewing done later; it may be a little cooler by then!  

Susie x