Really Cool Pictures!

Photographer Sebastien Lebrigand, 38, took these striking shots as he walked alone under the night sky.

Mr Lebrigand got his camera out near his home in Crepy-en-valois, near Paris, France to take the images with a special lens for astrophotography

These pictures were taken by Monsieur Sebastien Lebrigand in Crepy-en-valois, near Paris, France.  He used a special lens for astrophotography and managed to catch the planes flying over from Spain heading for Germany.  

I love anything to do with space and I think he has managed to create a great image.

The British volunteers have to give round-the-clock care to the babies, many of whom have been rejected by their mothers

I can never resist a picture of a baby Elephant and this baby is an orphan at the Knysna Elephant Park in South Africa.  Abigail Hearn, 24, left, and Lisa Olivier, 28, are British volunteers who look after orphaned baby elephants.  The above picture reminds me of Treacle!!!!

And finally we now know the name of the new Prince of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis!
I hope you have a thrilling Thursday.
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