The Nation Holds Its Breath!

Expectant mother: Kate, pictured when she was seen in public for the last time in June, has been admitted to hospital after she went into labour this morning

As the Nation waits for news on whether it is a Boy or a Girl, Youngest, Treacle and I are taking bets between us as to what it is going to be.

I have said it is a Boy and Youngest has said a Girl.  So we have a £1 bet on that.  Treacle not to be outdone got in on the act


Treacle has bet Youngest that The Duchess of Cambridge is having a Boy and Youngest says a Girl.  The bet? A Bonio of course!!!!!!

The next few hours will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather is again hot and sunny but we are forecast thunder storms later in the week.  Today I have been trying to negotiate my way around our new Accounts package and I am about ready to throw it out of the window, papers and all!!!!  I have still got quite a bit of work to get done before the end of the week, when we go away and I am hoping it will get done.  

Of course I have lots of other things we need doing before I go away as well and sometimes I wonder whether it is actually worth going away, with this mad dash of things to do beforehand?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday.

Susie x

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  1. Sharon

    I am glad to see your post about the baby! We were told by “In the know” media that only those in the USA are interested. No matter what gender, I hope the baby is healthy and happy! Good luck with your week!

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