Weekend Travels

We were all up at the crack of dawn this morning (well not quite but it may as well have been as it was 5.00am!!!!) to take Eldest and Girlfriend to the airport for a flight to Menorca again!!!!

Not jealous at all, no.  We only have to stay here and get as many jobs as possible completed this weekend and next week, before we can go away next weekend, whilst they sit around on the above beautiful beach sunning themselves!!!!

So although it is now 11.30am it feels like oh 2.00pm!!!!  Even Treacle who was up and out and breakfasted before we left seems a little confused about the time!

Later DH and I are going round to our Boys Godparents’ house for dinner and looking forward to it.  Although Godmother has planned a very summery meal because the weather is so hot, today is cooler and not as sunny!!!  See you just can’t win in this country!!!


I have spent some of this morning since we got back getting the rest of the summer things out of storage in the attic and putting winter things away.  What I would love is a walk in closet like the above picture!  What I have is a walk in closet the size of a Harry Potter “cupboard under the stairs”!!!!  So each spring and autumn I have to have a huge turn around of clothes and it is a job I hate doing!!!!!  I didn’t even bother last year as the weather was so bad and I did think it was going to be the same this year until the last few weeks, hence being so late doing it.

I have also discovered Youngest has grown out of all the pairs of shorts he had (he didn’t have any new ones last year) so a shopping trip is planned for when the schools break up on Tuesday.

We also need to give the garden a tidy before next week, so that there won’t be so much to do when we get back.  I love holidays but hate coming back and having to catch up on loads of jobs!

Also hoping to get some quilting done too.  I have signed up for the new Hop of Madame Samms in September, Pin It, and the Cheerleader is Kristen at Meadowbrook.  I love pincushions and have made quite a few.  Sign up was yesterday but I am sure if you contact Kristen she will try and fit you in.  The Hops are great fun, you get to make contact with quilters from all over the World and get some brilliant ideas too.  Have a go. 


I will be sorting mine out whilst we are away and there will be a Giveaway too.  So don’t forget to pop back when the schedule is up.

I had better get on and get some lunch and try and tidy up my bedroom which now looks like a thrift store!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Summer’s Weekend

Susie x


Hot Dog!!!!!!

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