My Grandfather


Having read Sharon’s post at Dexter’s Days (here : about her Aunt, I suddenly realised that yesterday would have been my Grandfather’s 116 Birthday!  


Frank Knight

He was born on July 18th 1897 in Lancashire but moved when he was quite young to Yorkshire, which if any of you know your history was a heinous thing to do, since the War of the Roses!!!!!  Although the war began in 1465 there are still bad feelings between the two counties!  The family eventually settled in Nottingham, where my Grandfather met my Grandmother.


He was the eldest of three children, his sister Sarah was two years younger and Daisy was twelve years younger, sadly she died not long after this picture was taken from respiratory problems.  This picture was taken after they moved to Nottingham. The other lady is his Mom, Annie.

This first picture was taken in his uniform from the First World War where he was in the tank corp.  Fortunately he survived and came home, which was an amazing feat during World War I as most tanks and their crews were destroyed.


The above picture was taken on holiday in Kingsand/Cawsand in Cornwall. This is how I remember them.  I was born when Grandad was 67, and Grandma was 60, and they had retired from work so during the holidays I spent a lot of time with them.  It was Grandma who taught me to sew and a million other things.

From Grandad I learnt how to garden, about plants and flowers and animals and basic car maintenance!!!!  He had his own workshop in the garage with an inspection pit and used to service his car and my parents car.  Of course that was in the days when you could service your own cars, unlike now where you need a computer!!!!!!!

When I was at school my Mom and Dad both worked, so Grandad used to take and fetch me from school and I used to go on holiday with them for the whole of the summer holidays and I was never bored.  We used to spend days walking or gardening and when we were at the seaside fishing or hunting in the pools left after the tide had gone out for crabs!!


This was taken on the day of my Christening

I was fortunate to have both of them in my life until Grandad passed away when I was thirteen and he was eighty years old. He had not been ill and just did not wake up one morning, which in the grand scheme of things was a good way to pass on.  I love having the memories of my time with them and try and pass on stories of when I was little, so that our Boys can know them a little bit.

So thanks to Sharon for her post and wonderful pictures of her Aunt and reminding me of happy times with my Grandad.

Happy 116th Birthday Grandad!

Have a lovely sunny weekend wherever you are and stay cool

Susie x

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