A Day In The Life Of Treacle

Its another Hot Hot Day!

Treacle missed her Wednesday Wag yesterday as she was at the groomers!  It is really hot here again, not as hot as some States in the US, but hot for us and she really appreciated the haircut.  Although the ladies who do the cutting all looked like they had been working in a sauna all day!!!!!!!

So Today I thought I would show you what Treacle gets up to in a normal day!


8.00am Relaxing in the garden


10.00am Sunbathing


Lunchtime – Biscuit and playtime


2.00pm Its too warm even for lying on her mat, just the cool tiles.

She is still lying in the above position now at almost 4.00pm!!!!  

I have managed to get the house clean from top to bottom and most of the washing completed but it has taken it out of me today.  I feel like I want to go and lie down somewhere cool and sleep for a week!!!!!  I am not complaining you understand, it is just so warm when you still have all your normal jobs to do!

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday wherever and keeping cool!

Susie x


Mom, stop tickling me with your feet!!!!!

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