Tuesday Twiddles!


My flower pots on the steps and Treacle got in on the act and my washing!!!!!!!

The weather is hot today again and everyone is feeling the strain!  If only we had summers like this every year I think we would get used to it. but as we only get this weather every five (!) or so it seems, it takes it out of you.

Sunday DH and I were invited out to a garden party lunch which was also a fundraiser for our local Councillor at her home.  Again the weather was amazing and she has a fantastic home and garden which we made full use of.  Some other friends had also been invited and afterwards they came back with us for dinner.  It was a great way to spend a summer Sunday sunny afternoon.

Yesterday was a catch up day for paperwork and try and get things sorted before we go away.  I also managed to get my basket of ironing done before it got too warm and go to my Pilates class!  In the evening DH and Youngest were at the Scout meeting, as it was the last one before the summer holidays and they played rounders and had hot dogs! 

For me it was Quilt Club in Nottingham and there was quite a few of us there, but not as many as usual as people were away on holiday, making the most of the sunshine.  I forgot to take my camera or my Blackbery tablet so had to take pictures on my phone, completely forgetting I cannot get the pictures off it!!!! So there were some lovely quilts but I will show you eventually.


My pots and Treacle!


My most favourite flowers, Lavender!


My garden in summer

This morning I feel really tired and again I think it is the heat, not that I am complaining as it is miles better than last year will all the rain and how cold it was.  I have just brought some of my washing in and I love the smell of it after it has been dried out of doors!  I am hoping to get some more blocks of Eldest’s quilt done later!!!!  Got to finish it!!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Susie x

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