As you may have realised it has been warm and sunny here over the last few days and dare we hope to say summer, after last year’s very wet and cold summer.  It said in the papers a few months ago that it would be a good year for butterflies and moths and I think this must be true, because when I went out the other morning, this is what I found on the wall of our house.


Lime Hawk Moth

This is a Lime Hawk Moth and I have never seen one around our way before, then next to him was :


Elephant Hawk Moth

No I have never seen him before either!


A White Ermine Moth

Don’t you just love his ruff!  

They were all clustered around the garage door where we have outside lights, which is obviously what attracted them during the night, but they were still there the next morning. 

Humming-bird Hawk-moth

Two years ago we saw this in the garden, a Humming-bird Hawk moth.  It was around the buddleia (the butterfly bush) and was busy with the flowers.  This picture is courtesy of The Butterfly Conservation website, as the one we saw was far too fast for us to take a picture!

Today is cloudy here but still warm.  I have loads of jobs to catch up on in the house (the ironing basket is breeding overnight and multiplying by the hour!!!!!) as well as lots of work to do too!!!!!!  Wish me luck!!!!!

Cartoon by Arnie Levin

Have a Thrilling Thursday

Susie x

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