The Wednesday Wag!


My Social Secretary (Mom!) arranged for my annual check up today here at my doctors and my annual injections.

Waiting room viewed from the in door

This is the waiting area

Air-conditioned consulting room 1

This is the consulting room – I am too big for the table so my Doctor deals with me on the floor

Jason Bestwick Veterinary Surgeon

This is my Doctor, Mr Jason Bestwick.  He always gives me a treat after my exam

I got a clean bill of health, my teeth are clean, all my legs working perfectly, eyes and ears clean and I had my injection with no problems!!!  I also had a nice worming tablet to take and some flea treatment, especially as it is very warm at the moment.  

Even better I got my lunchtime biscuit early, when we got home, for being so good!  I left my Social Secretary to deal with my bill, whilst I reclined in the car waiting to get home!


It has been a busy morning, so I am having a rest before Youngest gets home from school.

Have a Waggy Wednesday.

Woof, Treacle

Animal Paw Print

Pictures courtesy of Marshall & Till Website :

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