DSC03006This is the picture on my Calendar for July!


Here is the start of our Carnival!

Since my last post it has been hectic round here with the rest of Carnival. Tuesday July 2nd was the walking Treasure Hunt round the village and although it rained during the day, the evening was dry for all the hunters!  We had great fun although I don’t think we did very well with the clues!

Wednesday July 3rd was Duck Race night and again the weather was cool but not raining.


Eldest was in the Brook waiting to catch the ducks.


The Duck Race Field ready for the crowds!

Thursday July 4th saw the Wild, Wet & Wacky teams out on the Park playing with water!!! The weather had improved and the day was very warm. Eldest helped set out the games and Youngest was in a team which came 14th out of 32 so they did really well.  I didn’t get any pictures (by Thursday, the week was getting away from me!!!) 

Friday I had to go to the hospital for some scans, to be on the safe side, so spent the morning at the hospital. Youngest had a training day off school, so he and Eldest helped set up the park.  DH also went down in the evening and they got most of it done.  The weather was fantastic, if a little warm for the workers, but it  made everything go well.

Saturday July 6th saw us up with the birds and down at the park at 6.00am getting things ready for the start of Carnival at 1.00pm  and the day flew by.  The weather was hot, in fact very hot, and by the finish at 5.00pm a lot of people had left.  Clear up didn’t take too long but DH, Eldest, Girlfriend, Youngest and I were shattered!  It was a great day but long and hot!!!!!


The parade arrives on the park


More Floats


The Carnival Queen and Attendants Float


Eldest & Girlfriend

DSC03027 DSC03026 DSC03025 DSC03020 DSC03019 DSC03017 DSC03016

Sunday July 7th saw us all up at 5.00am again (!) to get to the swimming pool for our Club’s Open where we had swimmers coming from all over the county and further afield (Wales!!!) to swim!  Eldest isn’t able to swim at this Open as his times are too fast, but Youngest did and he had three great swims, knocking several seconds off his times and coming First, Second and Fourth in them.  He was so pleased with his trophies and medal.  DH and I were really tired and managed to get dinner for all of us and then collapsed into bed early.  Eldest, Girlfriend and Youngest were also nodding off after dinner and soon decided to call it a day!

Monday turned out to be a sort out day, with the washing hamper full from the weekend and the house a mess having just dumped things from Saturday with no time to sort them out because of Sunday!!!!  We all had early nights on Monday as well.

Tuesday back to work and a basket full of ironing (the washing and Ironing fairy didn’t get anything done overnight – she must be really busy!!!!!)

I think that summer is here for a little while, as the weather is forecast to be warm and sunny everyday this week (don’t want to speak too loud in case we frighten it away!!!!) We just hope it will stay like this for when we are away on vacation in Scotland soon.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a Terrific Tuesday!  I still have to get some more blocks done for Eldest’s quilt which I will now be concentrating on.

Susie xx

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