The Wednesday Wag!


Here I am At the Dog Show

Monday night was our Dog Show.  Mom gave me an extra long brush so my coat looked great and I managed to stay out of the bushes so by the time we started I was still looking good!


Eldest and Youngest took it in turns to take me up to see the nice lady Judge.  They entered me in the Adult Dog Category 3 – 6 Years Old, Best Young Handler 12 and above, Most Ear-Ristible Ears and Best Wag.  We did okay until Best Wag and my Boys had brought my tennis ball with them.  Normally when I hold my ball and they then talk to me, I wag my tail like mad, in fact my whole rear end wags!  But not on Monday, I am sorry but there were just too many distractions!


Now every other dog who had entered had managed to get either a first, second or third place but me!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 So I ended up in the Best Unplaced Dog Category at the end.  However it is not all sad, because there was only me in that category so I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This meant I got into the Final category, Best in Show.  I didn’t win this, Pepper did, but it was all great fun.


Yesterday I was really tired after such an exciting evening.  I got to meet loads of new doggies and see friends I already know.  So I spent the day in my basket.  

DSC02999 DSC03003 DSC03004

Here I am with my winning Rosette!!!!

Have a Winning Waggy Wednesday


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  1. kathy h

    Congratulations on your win! And red is a very good color on you. Glad you had a fun time and now deserve a big rest. I always enjoy reading about your adventures.

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