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Wednesday Wag Hijacked!


Treacle usually hijacks my Blog on a Wednesday but I have turned the tables on her today because at the end of May it was her Fifth Birthday!!!!!!

So I thought I would share with you some pictures which you may or may not have seen before to celebrate her Birthday and our five wonderful years with her.


One of the first pictures we have at home with her!

Treacle 280708 IMG_1282


The Three Musketeers!

Treacle with Both and Kelly 280908Treacle with ATP 280908 Treacle with ANP 280908

Starting to grow!

Treacle with ANP 280708 Treacle with ANP 3 280708 Treacle with ANP 2 280708

Youngest and his Dog!


Our Wonderful Kelly and Treacle


Growing up.


My most favourite picture of the two of them!  Kelly on the left and Treacle on the right!


This morning!  Don’t disturb me I am tired!


She is also getting a bit shy about having her picture taken!

I am trying to get a good picture of her and her quilt so we can enter the Pets On Quilts this year over at Lily Pad Quilting (we missed out last year) but she keeps turning away!  Perhaps I have taken too many pictures of her!!!!!!

Treacle is a lovely dog, she has a very sweet nature, loves to play with other dogs, although small dogs make her a bit nervous.  She loves The Boys very much and DH and when they are at home I don’t get a look in.

Her basket is next to me where I sit and work all day and also when I am sewing.  She always gets in her basket when I sit down at my desk  and when I get up she follows me round.

She does have a mischievous streak and sometimes will not come in out of the garden no matter how many times you call her!  All our Airedales have been fantastic pets and I love having Treacle in the house.

So Happy 5th Birthday Treacle, we love you.


Susie x

Who, Me?

Silvana over at Celebrate Quilts and More ( did a post last week, which was ask 11 questions about yourself and answer them so we get to know her better.  This started from another blog and I thought it was a good idea.  We got to know Silvana a bit more and I realised how much in common we have!!!!  So here are my 11 questions and answers

Why Do You Like Quilting?

I have always liked to sew, since my Grandmother taught me, and I still love to do embroidery but I love quilting because you get to play with fabric, cut it up and then sew it into great designs.  I love creating something which will hopefully last for years.

What is your favourite block?

So far it has been the log cabin block.  It is easy to go together but makes a stunning block, which can change with your fabric choices.

July 14th - Red, White & Blue Blog Hop - It's My Turn

What other hobbies do you enjoy?

I love to read and never not have a book to hand.  I can also read a book again which I have already read whereas DH can’t.  They feel like old friends come to visit!  I can use up a lot of time reading and just love it, when on holiday, that if I have a really good book I can just carry on reading and not worry about getting on with jobs!!!!

What is your favourite film?

This is a hard one as I have a few!  I love “When Harry Met Sally”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “The Bone Collector”.  Oh now I have started thinking there are lots more!

What is your favourite book?

Another hard one as I have so many books I love but if I have to have only a few on a desert island it would be “Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen”, “It – Stephen King”, “Ice Station – Matthew Riley” and finally “The Redemption of Althalus – David Eddings”.  All great books and also big books to keep me busy!

Where in the World have you visited?

I have been to the US, particularly LA and Florida, Kenya, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland and Finland.  I would like to explore more of the US and would love to go to South Africa but If I am honest it would be great to visit every country in the World, just an issue of time and money!!!!!

What is your favourite colour?

Blue, all shades!

If money was not a concern what would you be doing?

Owning and running a bookshop!  Then I could read all day and be working!!!  I love bookshops!

What is your most favourite memory from childhood?

One Winter Saturday Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandad and I were in my Grandmother’s kitchen where she had a sitting room, the fire was roaring and it was very cold and raining outside.  We got the Monopoly game out and played all afternoon until it was time for dinner and I loved it. 

What is your most favourite memory as an adult?

Our wedding day and the day Eldest and Youngest were born.  No questions about it!

Do you have a confession about anything you have done in the past?

Yes!  I once used the dog’s water bowl to make a cheese cake for a dinner party, as it was the perfect size and I didn’t have the right size in my cooking pans!  In my defence I did pour boiling water in the bowl before I used it and did line it with tin foil before putting the filling in!!!!  I didn’t tell the dinner guests and it was before I was with DH and I don’t see the people who came to dinner any more!!!!!!!!!

So that is a little bit more about me.  It is fun to think of questions that people would ask you and then answer them.  Have a go!

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday

Susie x

Busy Weekend

It has been a busy weekend.  Friday evening we were all at home for dinner and it was so nice we ate outside, although it did drop cold after the sun went down.  DH had to go to a swimming meeting, as there are one or two issues happening at the moment and Friday evening was the only night they were all available.

The Boys and DH had their hair cut on Saturday morning, which gave me an excuse to get on with some quilting, which I can’t show you just yet.  Saturday night it was just us for dinner and we got a takeaway and were naughty and watched TV whilst eating dinner.  We all love watching Counting Cars, about Counts Kustoms in Las Vegas and Lizard Lick Towing great programs and good fun.  

Sunday I got up early and left them all in bed, including Treacle, and again got on with my quilting projects.  The one I can’t show you is finished and wrapped and I have completed three more blocks of Eldest’s quilt.  It is getting there as they say.

Tonight the Boys and DH are at swimming and they are running time trials and I have a huge basket of ironing to do before Monday and we all start back at work and school.  Eldest is in the midst of tiding his room, putting away his school books in the attic and generally tidying up.  Although the mess he is creating to do this is something to see, but I am not interfering.  His next task is to do his wardrobe and get out the clothes he wants to take away on holiday, so I can make sure they are clean and ironed, not the night before he goes!!!!!!

I have been watching the French Open Tennis finals whilst sewing and it has been great.  Next week sees the start of the grass court season and in two weeks time Wimbledon, my most favourite time of the year!!!  Roll on tennis, champagne, strawberries and cream.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.

Susie x

Wednesday Wag


It has been busy in our house over the last few days with everyone coming in and going out at different times and coming home late.

Eldest has finished his exams and is now at home which is great fun.  He takes me on my walk now. 

Dad has been out the house early mornings and coming home late and Mom was at a swimming meeting on Monday and didn’t get home until late.  Now, normally I am up when Dad gets up and I get to go out and chase the pigeons and the squirrel out of the garden, then come in and have my breakfast.

This morning Dad got up at 5.00am and opened the door to Youngest’s room at 5.30am to let me out, but I just couldn’t get out of my basket, I was so tired.  I have spent all day yesterday outside as the weather has been so warm and so I didn’t get much sleep yesterday and I just didn’t want to get up.


Mom came to wake Youngest at 6.30am and I still didn’t move, she checked my nose to make sure I wasn’t poorly and I am not I was just tired.  I finally came downstairs with Youngest at 7.30am for breakfast!

Today is cooler here and so I have been out but not for long, but I did find squeaky pig in the garden.


This evening is a quiet evening with no activities so I think I will catch up on my beauty sleep then.

I hope you have a woofy Wednesday.


Animal Paw Print

Summer is Here!


This is the view of our garden this morning and how blue the sky is, with no clouds at all!

I think summer has arrived, if only for a little while, but we will take what we can get!!!!!  Treacle loves it and is out as soon as the door is opened, even having her food outside!  It is a real treat to have this weather for a few days!!!!


Here she is with her toy, squeaky pig!

Today is the last exam for Eldest and then he has finished, just the nervous wait for the results, but we have some things organised to keep him occupied over the next few weeks!

I have some work to do and then a big basket of ironing is waiting for me as well.  DH is at the exhibition all week so won’t be home early, so I will be doing the swimming run tonight!  But I don’t mind, its sunny and warm!


Have a terrific Tuesday and I hope the weather is as good where you are.

Hugs, Susie x  Woof from Treacle



DSC02896 DSC02897 DSC02898 DSC02899 DSC02900 DSC02901 DSC02902

We have been busy in the garden today.  The last few days which have been warm and sunny and some rain has done wonders for the garden.  

As it has been the coldest Spring in fifty years the plants have still been tucked up, but have now bloomed.  DH and I have managed to finish most of the tidying work and just have one small area left at the side and the end of the garden to tidy and then it is done, 

It is supposed to be warm and sunny for most of the week so hopefully we will be able to get some more done.  Although I am wary that this is it for summer and after this week it will be dreadful again, which has happened in the past.  So I am keeping everything crossed that this weather will continue!

Treacle loves being outside and often we can’t get her in at night!

Yesterday Youngest had a friend over for a sleepover and we went to the movies to see Fast and Furious 6 and it really is a good film, they loved it.  We came home for pizza and chips and then they were off playing on the computer for a while, as it had gotten dark and cool!

Tomorrow they are back to school and Eldest has his last two exams for his A’ Levels on Monday and Tuesday mornings and then it is just the nervous wait until the results in August!!!  Oh my!  I do hope I survive the strain!!!!!!

DH is at an exhibition all week so that will mean early starts and late finishes 😦  Never mind it will soon be the weekend again!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Susie x