Worlds Collide!

Do you ever have periods in your life when it just feels that your World is colliding with everything else and no matter what you do you can’t stop it?

Well that seems to be happening to me at the moment! 

As I said earlier in the week it is Carnival week next week, I help on the swimming committee and have just had a load of paperwork through which needs to be done by November and there is a lot to do.  Eldest, as you know, is waiting for his results  if he gets in there will be a lot of work to do to get him ready to go.  DH is really busy with work and we have just had to start using a new accounts software package and that is not going well.  There are loads of jobs round the house which need doing and we haven’t got the time to do them.

DH has been away for the last two days with work again and whenever he is away I never sleep very well.  Yesterday was warm again and also last night and I had the windows wide open.  At 2.00am I woke with a start to find something buzzing in my ear!  I freaked and shot up out of bed, beating the side of my head!  Now when I was little I was always told “never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear” well let me just say, not last night!  I then spent the rest of the night waking up every hour.  In the shower this morning there was more water going in my ear than down the drain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a great one for lists, but the list I have written to try and get all this done, makes it seem worse!!!!!

Our neighbours are having some work done and it is very noisy from 8.00am until 4.00pm so I am finding it hard to concentrate on work too!

Treacle is doing her best to help, this means she is asleep on the bed!  She raised an eye when I walked in to clean the room and that was it, at least she is off the floor when I vacuum!

DH will be back tonight but not until late  and Eldest and Girlfriend get home tomorrow night before the chaos of the weekend.  Oh if only I had a magic wand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope your Thursday is better.  It is Thursday isn’t it?  I even lost track of the days this week!!!

Susie x

Frustrated Woman Cartoon


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