The Wednesday Wag!


You know there is never enough time in the day to savour those last few crumbs in your bowl from breakfast and dinner, before Mom picks my bowl up and washes it!

I thought I had got my humans trained well enough now that they know they should leave my bowl down long enough for me to get the pattern off the dish!  But last night and this morning Mom picked my bowl up as soon as I finished!  Well I had a go at keeping it but she whipped it out from under my nose!


Youngest then appeared for dinner last night and I tried to convince him that I had not had my dinner


It didn’t work, Mom ratted me out!  

I need to get spruced up because I am in the Dog Show on Monday evening with Youngest and the categories he has entered me for are very full, so I will have to look my best.  Do you think I can convince them to bath me over the weekend?  If I can find something really horrible to roll in I think that will do the trick!!!! (don’t even think about doing that, we don’t have time to bath you – Mom!)

Darn! Caught out again.

Have a Woofy Wednesday


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