Quilty Bags!


I have been busy building blocks for Eldest’s Quilt so that has been taking my time but I did get chance to make this cute tote bag for my friend Jayne, whose Birthday is on June 12th.  I couldn’t show you before, because she reads my blog!


I have made a couple of these now and they are so easy to make and look great.  I have tried various bag patterns and I find that they can be so confusing.  This is a tutorial on You Tube by Jenny Doan at The Missouri Quilt Company, you can find it here http://www.youtube.com/user/missouriquiltco and is titled “Make Three Totes/Purses With One Charm Pack”.

Jenny uses charm squares left over from other projects, but I just used materials from my stash, 5 x 5″ squares and added material  for the lining, handles and base.  You can make the bags any size you want but I wanted Jayne to have a larger bag to use for the beach when she goes on holiday in the summer.



I love the summer colours which are great for Jayne’s summer birthday.  We try and go out for lunch together as her birthday is eight days before mine.  We originally met when Eldest and her son were in Reception Class at Primary School on the first day.  They and we have been great friends since.  


The two of them on Eldest’s 12th Birthday!  They have changed a lot since this picture!!!!!

So Happy Birthday Jayne and see you for lunch soon.

Susie x

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