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Silvana over at Celebrate Quilts and More (http://celebratequiltsandmore.blogspot.co.uk/) did a post last week, which was ask 11 questions about yourself and answer them so we get to know her better.  This started from another blog and I thought it was a good idea.  We got to know Silvana a bit more and I realised how much in common we have!!!!  So here are my 11 questions and answers

Why Do You Like Quilting?

I have always liked to sew, since my Grandmother taught me, and I still love to do embroidery but I love quilting because you get to play with fabric, cut it up and then sew it into great designs.  I love creating something which will hopefully last for years.

What is your favourite block?

So far it has been the log cabin block.  It is easy to go together but makes a stunning block, which can change with your fabric choices.

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What other hobbies do you enjoy?

I love to read and never not have a book to hand.  I can also read a book again which I have already read whereas DH can’t.  They feel like old friends come to visit!  I can use up a lot of time reading and just love it, when on holiday, that if I have a really good book I can just carry on reading and not worry about getting on with jobs!!!!

What is your favourite film?

This is a hard one as I have a few!  I love “When Harry Met Sally”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “The Bone Collector”.  Oh now I have started thinking there are lots more!

What is your favourite book?

Another hard one as I have so many books I love but if I have to have only a few on a desert island it would be “Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen”, “It – Stephen King”, “Ice Station – Matthew Riley” and finally “The Redemption of Althalus – David Eddings”.  All great books and also big books to keep me busy!

Where in the World have you visited?

I have been to the US, particularly LA and Florida, Kenya, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland and Finland.  I would like to explore more of the US and would love to go to South Africa but If I am honest it would be great to visit every country in the World, just an issue of time and money!!!!!

What is your favourite colour?

Blue, all shades!

If money was not a concern what would you be doing?

Owning and running a bookshop!  Then I could read all day and be working!!!  I love bookshops!

What is your most favourite memory from childhood?

One Winter Saturday Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandad and I were in my Grandmother’s kitchen where she had a sitting room, the fire was roaring and it was very cold and raining outside.  We got the Monopoly game out and played all afternoon until it was time for dinner and I loved it. 

What is your most favourite memory as an adult?

Our wedding day and the day Eldest and Youngest were born.  No questions about it!

Do you have a confession about anything you have done in the past?

Yes!  I once used the dog’s water bowl to make a cheese cake for a dinner party, as it was the perfect size and I didn’t have the right size in my cooking pans!  In my defence I did pour boiling water in the bowl before I used it and did line it with tin foil before putting the filling in!!!!  I didn’t tell the dinner guests and it was before I was with DH and I don’t see the people who came to dinner any more!!!!!!!!!

So that is a little bit more about me.  It is fun to think of questions that people would ask you and then answer them.  Have a go!

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday

Susie x

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