Wednesday Wag


It has been busy in our house over the last few days with everyone coming in and going out at different times and coming home late.

Eldest has finished his exams and is now at home which is great fun.  He takes me on my walk now. 

Dad has been out the house early mornings and coming home late and Mom was at a swimming meeting on Monday and didn’t get home until late.  Now, normally I am up when Dad gets up and I get to go out and chase the pigeons and the squirrel out of the garden, then come in and have my breakfast.

This morning Dad got up at 5.00am and opened the door to Youngest’s room at 5.30am to let me out, but I just couldn’t get out of my basket, I was so tired.  I have spent all day yesterday outside as the weather has been so warm and so I didn’t get much sleep yesterday and I just didn’t want to get up.


Mom came to wake Youngest at 6.30am and I still didn’t move, she checked my nose to make sure I wasn’t poorly and I am not I was just tired.  I finally came downstairs with Youngest at 7.30am for breakfast!

Today is cooler here and so I have been out but not for long, but I did find squeaky pig in the garden.


This evening is a quiet evening with no activities so I think I will catch up on my beauty sleep then.

I hope you have a woofy Wednesday.


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