Summer is Here!


This is the view of our garden this morning and how blue the sky is, with no clouds at all!

I think summer has arrived, if only for a little while, but we will take what we can get!!!!!  Treacle loves it and is out as soon as the door is opened, even having her food outside!  It is a real treat to have this weather for a few days!!!!


Here she is with her toy, squeaky pig!

Today is the last exam for Eldest and then he has finished, just the nervous wait for the results, but we have some things organised to keep him occupied over the next few weeks!

I have some work to do and then a big basket of ironing is waiting for me as well.  DH is at the exhibition all week so won’t be home early, so I will be doing the swimming run tonight!  But I don’t mind, its sunny and warm!


Have a terrific Tuesday and I hope the weather is as good where you are.

Hugs, Susie x  Woof from Treacle

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